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Meet the family

My first doll was Tristania, and she is still very special to me. I only ever wanted these three girls, the Moonchild sisterhood. Seriously, I did. But the thing with these dolls is: As soon as they become characters, they want company. Family, friends, lovers.

Each one of them has their own character, background story and style.

The Moonchild community

The Morrigans

The Moonchild sisterhood. The original family – and the start of my Moonchild community. Meet the three sisters who got me hooked.

The MacLeans

The MacLean family clan. The siblings Solovet, Unnea, Eryn and Alasdair. And lots of kids…

The Anderssons

Ruben, his daughter Sophia and cousin Leander.

The Morgensterns

The sinister Morgensterns are actually really nice people once you get to know them.

The Loners

These two are lone wolfs, they don’t have family. Meet the witch Vasilissa and Enoch, who is the only non- Iplehouse Moonchild.

Otherworldly others

Otherworldly others

These are dolls from various doll companies I couldn’t resist. Augur Rachel, Leaf the dryad and water nymph Nimue, my MYou elf twins Cinna & June and Lily the ghost. Little Willow is also a MYou doll.

Tiny humanoids

Tiny humanoids

The tiny humanoids live in their own world. They are not part of the Moonchild community. The FID and Raccoon with their different proportions don’t mix with the large dolls. These mature dolls in MSD size are highly addictive.