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Unstrung crowd

Meet the mixed bunch of vinyl and plastic people that found their way to me. I don’t really see them as part of my doll family, but they still deserve a mention. That’s why the dolls in this section have their own separate category. Some are just here and waiting for some kind of customization, some have been customized but sit on a shelf ever since.

Some of the dolls will stay, some will go and some will travel to come back.

OOAK fashion dolls

Asian fashion dolls like Xinyi, Mengfan, Kissmela and Kurhn

OOAK Kissmela

 I named her Ava. This girl came blank. She is on a Mengfan Chinese woman doll body.

OOAK Xinyi

Repainted Xinyi doll on the original Xinyi body with small bust. Her name is Ivy.

OOAK Kurhn

Kurhn repaint on a Pure Neemo S body. She doesn’t have a name yet. There will be more of these hybrids 🙂

Custom Blythe

For Blythe patterns please visit the sewing section of the blog, and for eye templates check out the free Blythe eye sheets.

Custom Monstdoll

Paola Reina Amigas, Mini Amiga and Kruseling

Paola Reinas. I plan to customize them – or at least some of them, but I still have not found the time to do more than one. 

Las amigas girls

These are Paola Reina las Amigas dolls. I repainted one, and acquired an Elly's action body for another, but still have not done more with them.

Mini Amiga

OOAK Paola Reina mini Amiga.

Kruseling Sofia

This girl is a repainted Kruseling doll. Her sculpt name is Sofia.

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