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Sophia Luna Andersson

Head: Iplehouse JID Leona | NS

Body: JID girl normal bust NS

Year: 2014

Wig: Monique
Eyes: Eyeco A123, 12 mm
Painted by ResinRapture


Sophia is Ruben’s daughter and she’s been staying with the Morrigan sisters for the last months. She has recovered quite well after she over-dosed on sleeping pills and she has gained confidence on the road, but she is still often sad, tired and quiet.

As the daughter of an abusive and narcissist mother she has learnt to behave, smile on demand, pretend that she’s fine and do what people expect of her. She hides behind her smile, and people think she’s fine, and since she has always been a quiet girl nobody really noticed how unhappy she was. Stella has made it her mission to turn her shy smile into happy giggles.

Although Stella is younger, Sophia admires her for her confidence and energy, and the girls became fast friends. Sophia is still a little bit afraid of Stella’s wildness, and she is just learning that nothing bad happens if she comes home dirty or with a hole in her clothes, but she will probably never be as wild as Stella or share her enthusiasm for climbing trees or creepy-crawlies.

Stella’s latest project is a frog-farm, and Sophia starts to appreciate the beauty of nature, something that usually comes quite natural to Moonchildren. They have a lot of fun with the frogs, and Sophia’s caution has a positive influence on Stella, too.

Sophia likes pretty dresses and cleanliness, and she inherited her grace and a talent for dancing from her mother. And she likes Tristania very much, she feels safe with Thrish’s friendly, humorous calmness, and she loves to see her dad happy and relaxed.