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Roux de Moreau

Head: Iplehouse FID Raffine | NS

Body: FID classic body, medium bust

Year: 2017

Wig: Monique 6-7
Eyes: Glib oval glass Hazel 6mm
Painted by ResinRapture

Tiny humanoid

Best friends Queenie, Walden, Ludivine and Roux live in a turn-of-the-century brownstone transformed into appartments. The house belongs to Queenie’s parents. The downstairs rooms and former servant quarters are now serving as a shared office/conference room, a photo studio and a shared living room. Each of them has their own appartment, but they often work together and like to hang out or invite friends.

Roux de Moreau is a residential architect. She has mostly been working for an architectural firm that transforms and restores landmarks lately, and she loves it. She works a lot, often from home, and she’s a caffeine junkie. A day that doesn’t start with making a Thermos full of freshly ground pour over coffee with cinnamon is a lost day in her book.

Her coffee consumption might be the reason for her nervousness. Roux is also a bit of a worrywart. She worries about a lot of things, wether it’s her work, the future or if she forgot to do something, there’s almost always something on the back of her mind nagging her. Sleepless nights and acid burn as a result are side effects of this rather unhealthy mixture of caffeine overdose and a quirk.

She knows her fears and worries are irrational most of the time, but she can’t help it. Thanks to Queenie, who sets her straight and offers a very different perspective she is able to keep it in check.
It’s not really Roux most dominating trait and Roux herself is the person who finds it most annoying.
She started Yoga in addition to her modern dance class, and it seems to work for her. Her friend Ludivine gave her a huge aquarium for her birthday, and it has a calming effect on Roux.

Roux dated Walden for a couple of weeks, before they decided to go back to friendship. Roux closest friends Queenie, Walden and Ludivine are like family to her. She doesn’t have any relatives left after her parents died. The four of them are completely different characters but they have been true friends for such a long time that they all feel like a family.

4 thoughts on “Roux de Moreau”

  1. I really like the new face-up and I think it will look even better once she gets her eyelashes. Great backstory, and I'm impressed by how much clothing she has already. Did you make her clothes since her arrival? Or is some of it being repurposed from other dolls? I look forward to meeting her friends.

  2. Thank you :). I made her clothes, and she has a lot more than I had time to photograph. Some of isn't her style, and I guess I'll use them for the incoming Raccoons. I always forget how long it takes to dress them. I just had the red skirt, it's an SD girl skirt I had for ages.

  3. Her character is so interesting!! I love the tiny diorama setting you have had going on there, and she looks great on the clothes you made for her! I do hope you'll share more of her and her stories 😀

  4. Thank you :). I will, once her friends arrive. I hope it won't take too long, but on the other hand I'll I am just as happy to have something to look forward to.

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