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Cinnamon & Juniper

Head: MYou Delia NS

Body: MYou 45cm girl 3-part body

Year: 2017

Wigs: Kokdoll
Eyes: Eyeco carmel+A251, 10mm
Painted by ResinRapture

They are twins, so one is the other’s relation. But other than that, none present

Otherworldly Others

Herb elves

Cinnamon & Juniper aka Cinna & June
These two are my inseparable twin sisters Cinnamon and Juniper, almost always called Cinna and June. June is a couple of minutes older, but she doesn’t mind that Cinna is the first mentioned if people talk about them or call them. They are both very gentle and sweet, June is the quieter one.

Cinna & June are herb elves, they can make spices and herbs grow and know all about their properties. That is, they will when they’ve grown up, until then they are just elfin fifteen year old girls who are still learning.

They love music, singing, dancing in the rain, each other and they like to sew twin style dresses. They are almost never dressed exactly alike, and they are glad that some quirk of nature gave them different eye colours, but they like to look like the perfect complement to each other. And they are. They both like the colours their names suggest, Cinna brown and red, and June blue and green.

Cinnamon aka Cinna
Juniper aka June

7 thoughts on “Cinnamon & Juniper”

  1. Thank you :). Green and blue is for Juniper, and red and brown for Cinnamon, but I won't always keep it, they already have dresses from the same fabric with little differences like buttons and such.

  2. Vielleicht sind die ja fürchterlich kitschig und du hast dich nur dran gewöhnt..hihi. Sie sind halt sehr puppig, aber goldig ist auch mal ok. Stimmt, Lily habe ich deshalb auch als Icon in ihre Nähe gerückt 🙂 Und Farben und Musterspielereien wirst du kaum entkommen können 😀

  3. They are both adorable, but I love June! I really like that idea of similar dresses but on different colors 😀

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