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Walden Ambrose

Head: Iplehouse FID Claude | NS

Body: FID man model 

Year: 2018

Wig: Fatiao 6-7
Eyes: Glib oval glass Lt. grey 6mm
Painted by ResinRapture

Tiny humanoid

Best friends Queenie, Walden, Ludivine and Roux live in a turn-of-the-century brownstone transformed into appartments. The house belongs to Queenie’s parents. The downstairs rooms and former servant quarters are now serving as a shared office/conference room, a photo studio and a shared living room. Each of them has their own appartment, but they often work together and like to hang out or invite friends.

Walden is a photographer who specializes in interior design photography. He started out working for hotels and furniture designers, but his work soon caught the attention of magazine editors. Walden does more editorial work for design magazines and books these days. There are still a lot of hotels and interior designers amongst his clients, and he has worked with Roux and Ludivine as well.

Walden shares a house with his best friends Roux, Queenie and Ludivine. He is away most of the time though, travelling around the globe from location to location. He loves his job, but he would love to see his friends more often. They skype every other night, but he still misses them.

Walden is not only a very talented photographer, he is a really nice guy. Too nice in fact, as his friends keep telling him. He is caring, helpful, funny and sensitive – and he’s quite handsome. His gay clients and colleagues adore him, but he is hetero and unfortunately a lot of women tend to see him as the best friend-brotherly type, share all their secrets with him but go for the bad guys when it comes to dating.

He’s far from complaining though, he’s quite happy with his life. It would be difficult to keep up a relationship with all the travelling and he enjoys living in a house full of beautiful women who have no qualms about snuggling up to him watching TV. The girls occasionally invite him to the extended version of cuddling, and he dated Roux for a while a couple of years ago.

Their living arrangements are probably pretty unique, they are true friends and the girls love him in a platonic way, but they are still aware he’s a man and attractive as well as he thinks they’re all beautiful. But he never fell for them, nor did they. Occasional intimacy is offered and taken as a gift, it has never been awkward and he never tried to seduce any of them. It’s an unspoken agreement to not talk about it, and since he’s never at home for long there is always enough time to get some distance and get back to friendship as it has always been.

The girls manage his office while he’s away, borrow his shirts and mother him when he’s home. Walden sometimes needs a bit of mothering. He’s diabetic and his travel habits, chronic jetlag and the difficulty to keep up a healthy diet abroad take their toll.

2023: There have been some major changes in Walden’s life. He  discovered he has a daughter! Her mother Pauline contacted him, and since then he has found a new family. His daughter Antonia does not only look like him, they share a lot of other characteristics, too.

4 thoughts on “Walden Ambrose”

  1. Claude certainly is a cutie. His back story suits him. It reminds me of a TV comedy from years back called Three's Company, which might have been the American equivalent of an earlier British comedy. The show was about 3 roommates: one guy and two girls. The guy–very much hetero–pretended to be gay so as not to arouse the suspicions of the landlord, who would not have approved of their living arrangements.

  2. I think I remember reading about that- I've never seen it, but it sounds like a fun story. Thank god the landlord is one of the girls ;D

  3. He sounds like a very interesting character! But I'm a shipper by habit, and I already want to see him with any of the girls so I can properly scream "I SHIP IT!". Oh well! Also, I love-love-LOVE how you styled him, the clothing you made and all!

  4. Thank you :). He's such a sunny guy, he makes all three girl's lifes happier without commiting to any of them in particular. :). Maybe Leonard will get lucky with one of them, who knows…

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