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ResinRapture Diorama

Building rooms for dolls

If only I had more space to keep all the rooms assembled and ready to play with…

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When I was a little girl I drew rooms. Not regular rooms: Tree houses, caves and Thumbelina palaces. I was fascinated by the idea of tiny people living in tiny houses. My first doll house- or rather furniture in a cupboard- was self made. And building stuff is still one of my favorite pastimes.

It’s not so much about creating furniture but about creating a setting with a certain atmosphere. Rooms that support the character of the inhabitant if you want. It’s as much about interior design and creating the suitable props as about having a space to take doll pictures. Unfortunately my own apartment is quite small, and storage is always a problem. I wish I had more room for rooms…

The healer's laboratory

Unnea’s laboratory. I made this in 2014. Unnea is a Moonchild healer and needs a lab to brew potions, mix herbs and make medicine.

The healer’s laboratory: See more pictures

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Behind the scenes

Props: Making deadly potions

Stella's room

A teenage doll’s realm. This is a room in 1/4 scale I made in 2015. I made almost all the furniture and props for this and had lots of fun. It had to make way for Moonchild mansion, though. But all the furniture is stored safely, so I can set it up again.

Stella’s room: See more pictures

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The artist's studio

Leander’s art studio. This was created in 2015, I needed it as a setting for the photo story “You are my muse”. Leander draws Unnea’s portrait.

The artist’s studio: See photo story

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Moonchild mansion

The Morrigan’s home. I made the first version of the “Moonchild mansion” in 2014, and used the set of walls for Unnea’s lab. But I managed to break the walls during a redecoration of my appartment, and rebuilt it in 2017. This diorama is in 1/3 scale.

The porch diorama

The FID porch. I built this in 2019. I made it from scratch, but I bought the tiny pots and plants.

The garden diorama

My secret doll garden. This one is form 2019 as well. 

The doll garden

My secret garden

The shared tiny house

My 1:6 scale shared tiny living room for the mature tiny crew, strung and unstrung. I finished this one in 2021.

Bath room in 1:6 scale

My 1:6 scale shared tiny bath room. This room is part of the shared tiny house project I started in 2022.

The 1:6 tiny bath room

The bath room with various dolls

Behind the scenes

Floors and walls

Kitchen in 1:6 scale

My 1:6 scale shared tiny kitchen. This room is part of the shared tiny house project I started in 2022.

Eve’s Eatery
This one is not a diorama, really, it’s just something I built to take the pictures for this post.

The latest diorama posts

Life in the dioramas. I would love to use my sets more often, but even though the garden and Moonchild mansion are still sitting right in my living room, I have most of the props stored away. 

First repaint of 2023
The first repaint of 2023. Winter isn’t a great time for repaints, too…
1:6 scale kitchen
This was a pink plastic kitchen and the start of my tiny house,…

10 thoughts on “Diorama”

  1. These are amazing! I just got my first blythe doll and I’m getting my dad to build me a room for her and then I’m going to decorate and paint it. These dioramas you have really inspire me they are beautifully detailed!

  2. Your dioramas are amazing. I love all the details. This is really inspiring. I wish to make a blog for my dolls, too (even if it’s just for me so I can always look back at what I have done in the hobby)

  3. Terrific work! A friend of mine does miniatures and her work on Instagram gets a lot of exposure. I don’t know if you have an account there? You can see some of her work @lillouiseliving.

    I think you’d get a wonderful following on that site. Thanks again for persisting with the tecchy issues. Hoping it’s all fixed now for good!

  4. Yes, her stuff is really tiny. I was trying to figure out the scale for your work. I’m bad at math! Haha. I know it says 1:6, so it’s bigger than mini but not full size obviously. Really great work <3

    1. I work in different sizes, the 1:6 work is proportional with Barbie dolls. The larger rooms (1:3 and 1:4) works with 18 inch and 12inch dolls. They are so big that the dollhouse scale could work as toys in there. The small scale certainly takes up less room.

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