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Unnea Luna MacLean

Head: Iplehouse EID newYur | NS

Body: SID woman normal bust (Tristania’s body)

Year: 2014

Wig: ACbjd
Eyes: Eyeco A261, 12 mm
Painted by ResinRapture

Moonchild healer

Unnea, sister of Alasdair and Eryn, is a moonchild healer. She has the rare gift to heal conditions that only affect moonchildren. It’s a heritable gift of healing power and although healers are trained in herb lore, their medicinal herb mixtures wouldn’t work without the gift.

Healers are traditionally highly esteemed in the moonchild community. As soon as a moonchild shows signs of “The Gift” (it’s usually just called The Gift), the young moonchild is introduced to the secretive guild of healers to learn how to use it effectively. It is expected of healers to serve the community, a century long duty to heal and to help.

There are only a couple of moonchildren born with The Gift every century and they are not only visibly different, The Gift comes with a price: Healers have a shorter lifespan, they hardly ever reach 600 years.

There is something aethereal about Unnea, something otherworldly, but a lot of her aura of aloofness is just the first impression. Maybe the healer myths have something to do with it, maybe it’s her paleness – or the fact that she almost always wears white. But apart from her powers or the quietness about her (which is untypical) Unnea is a true MacLean girl. Passionate about what she is doing, sociable, tender and caring.

Unnea always smells like herbs, she spends hours in her herb garden and with the preparation of medicine and tries to help Eryn with the kids as much as she can. She is a great listener and her mere presence soothes the kids. When she does have some time for herself she likes to sit on the porch swing and knit or sew.

But she has to travel often in the line of duty, and her love life is a disaster. She is not really sure about her orientation and had two short affairs, but wether male or female, her partners seemed to be a little afraid of her and it didn’t work out. Unnea would like to be a mother, but apart from the fact that she doesn’t seem to be as fertile as the rest of the MacLean women she is a little afraid that future kids might inherit The Gift. She is living for it and she loves it, but she would wish a more carefree life for a kid.

Unnea grew very fond of the little foundling Amanthis, though. And she has feelings for Leander. They have not talked about it, but everybody else seems to assume they are a couple. So they must be, right?