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Big boy pictures

When I took Ruben out of the closet for the shirt pictures of the last post, I realized that he hadn’t made an appearance for

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Tristania in stripes

I made this shirt for Tristania a while ago, but I think I never took pictures of it. She had this sand colored skirt already,

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Mistakes to fashion

Has it ever happened to you that you cut the same pattern piece twice, I mean without flipping it over for the right or left

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Raccoon Cindy is home!

Just a few days after Nina Cindy arrived as well. I ordered her on the Naturally Posed Glamorous body (Abbreviated NaPoGlam in future posts) in

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Raccoon Nina arrived

My Raccoon Nina arrived yesterday. I only ordered her on August 3rd, together with Cindy. This was really fast. And I received some clothes as

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3 new Monstdoll dresses

Jellybean and Milka have new dresses :). Milka’s new dress is a flowery dress in her favorite color, Milka chocolate lavender. I forgot to tie

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Solveig Eiger Iversen

Solveig Eiger Iversen is a Raccoondoll Rose on the New Slim body in normal skin. She arrived in 2022 and joined the Tiny Humanoids in 2023.

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Viveca in old rose

Just two new outfits for Viveca. The first one is a combination of maroon yoga pants and a shirt. First I thought the combination of

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Meet Jellybean, the latest addition to the unstrung crowd. She is a repainted Monst doll.     Jellybean, Toffee and Milka look good enough to

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