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Lots of Pauline pictures

Just like Antonia, Pauline didn’t chose the wig I bought for her.  The long floating light brown hair  looks beautiful, but she’s just a “quick ponytail”- kind of woman. A

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Antonia and mom

Just a couple of pictures of Antonia with Pauline or Walden. I just love this kid size! Problems with the homework? Mom can help.   More mom and daughter pictures…

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More clothes for Antonia

Antonia saw me working on Rachel’s hoodie, and she insisted on getting one too. Well, she asked me nicely. Several times. So I caved and made one for her too.

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Antonia Briggs

Antonia Briggs is a Raccoon Kid Jenny on the Raccoon Reina/Kid body in NS. She arrived in November 2023 and joined the Tiny humanoids in January 2024.

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Pauline Briggs

Pauline Briggs is a Raccoon woman Nina on the Naturally Posing slim body (NaPoSlim) in NS. She arrived in October 2023 and joined the Tiny humanoids in January 2024.

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Happy 2024!

The year is almost over. Time to wish you all the best for the New Year. A  year with lots of happy moments, doll fun, peace and friends. Mailin, Calliope,

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Christmas 2023

It’s raining and stormy outside. Just the right weather to spend a day baking cookies. I haven’t done that the last couple of years, but this year I was in

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Raccoon Kid Jenny arrived

Do you remember my post about the Raccoon kids? My little girl arrived today. This was really fast, she just took about a month. She came in a practical cardboard

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Big boy pictures

When I took Ruben out of the closet for the shirt pictures of the last post, I realized that he hadn’t made an appearance for a long time. He is

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Tristania in stripes

I made this shirt for Tristania a while ago, but I think I never took pictures of it. She had this sand colored skirt already, and I thought the light

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More Solveig pictures

With all the excitement about the new dolls I forgot : I have made a lot of pencil skirts and dresses for Solveig – and there are still more to

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