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Tristania Luna Morrigan

Head: Iplehouse SID Zera | NS

Body: EID woman body (since 2014)

Year: 2013

Wig: Iplehouse
Eyes: Eyeco soft Afghan, 11 mm
Painted by ResinRapture


Tristania – short Trish – is the eldest of three sisters. Her full name is Tristania Luna Morrigan and she is an elder Moonchild. 

She likes Heavy Metal, history, warm nights, bathing in moonlight, mischief, interesting discussions, motorcycles, lots of books and her sisters. She is kind at heart, but with a fondness of mockery and dark humor.

Trish is level headed, straightforward and confident in an unassuming way, and although she is usually not much of a talker she can be very eloquent when she is interested in a discussion. This is why she has the duty of acting as a magistrate in the Moonchild council once a year.

Trish is a writer and editor of historic fiction and sometimes writes trashy novels just for fun, the tawdrier the better. She and Seraphine enjoy making up unbelievable stories and characters they would never want to meet in real life.

Tristania is a loner, like all children of the moon. Their relationships with humans tend to be short, since they would forget them most of the time. Tristania keeps with her sisters and takes care of them, and she has a couple of true Moonchild-friends.

Ruben is one of them, he is actually more than a friend.