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Hi there, nice to meet you! Welcome to my new home.

I did it! After almost seven years of blogging on blogger I finished the enormous task of moving the blog to my new domain in August 2020. The blog is still the essential part, but I added a lot of new content and restructured what was already there. Some older posts I made on blogger refer to the move as a future event, but that’s done now. I very much hope all the effort was worth it and you enjoy the result.

My  tiny folks and I hope you stay for a bit to browse and discover all the new stuff.

Meet the families or follow their life on the blog. Maybe you’ll find new inspiration in the creative corner of the realm. The free patterns for Iplehouse dolls are now in the new sewing section. Feel invited to join the tribe in the community area & share your thoughts in the comments.

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But first things first

What are we up to? Read the latest News from the blog.

Meet the family

Want to know more about the characters and their stories? 

Meet the Moonchild families, the tiny humanoids and otherworldly others!

Latest arrivals

Meet the latest new addition to my resin family

Karla Dante
Karla Dante is an Iplehouse FID Doria on the classic…
PRO artist banner size 180 x 150 px
ResinRapture Community Badge Iplewhelmed

Creative corner

I don’t need more props for the dolls. But fellow BJD collectors know that this rationale does not count in a world where every ball jointed creature has their very own demands. And we wouldn’t want to disappoint them, would we?


Free Iplehouse doll patterns and sewing tutorials, along with some useful little helpers and more general posts about sewing and fabric? The sewing section is just the right place for you.

Diorama & Props

I need more space to make room for more rooms. Making a hundred tiny books, miniature paint tubes or a quilt from the tiniest squares? That's just crazy. Yes, it is. But it's fun.

Fashion & Accessories

Sewing wearable fashion that supports the character is what I aim for. I am not big on elaborate costumes, my stuff is mostly casual. More clothes and accessories...


Who doesn't want a furry companion? From customizing a horse to felting cats or dogs - meet the wildlife. Or find links to doll pet artist's shops to look for your future doll pet.

Friends & community

Do you recognize other people’s BJD when you see them on Pinterest or elsewhere? There’s such a lot of talent out there, so many fascinating customizations and great photography. Outstanding costumes, fashion and craft – the creative potential the dolls unlock seems to be endless. The BJD community is growing, but it’s still small enough to get to know each other, even if it is just virtual. 

It’s all about connecting.

Community badges

Fun badges for you. Find your collector type badge or suggest one!


Where to buy dolls and clothes? Shops and other infos you might find helpful


Forums, blogs, doll artists, photographers and other interesting finds on the web

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ResinRapture side projects

Projects for the dolls or the doll community – some of them have been online for some time, like TrickyBJDFeet or the eye templates. The community badges are new, and DandelionsGear is not yet finished. One new website at a time, right?