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ResinRapture pets

Furry and not so furry companions for dolls

Meet the wildlife…

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It’s really difficult to find animals that are in scale with BJD. There are ball jointed animals of course, but most of them are rather small, too. And I wanted animals with fur and more or less in scale with the dolls, so I had to resort to making them. Or in case of Raziel to customizing a bought horse.


Raziel is a repainted Battat horse (Our Generation). They come in variations of color and style. He originally was a “Boho horse”.

Hello Kitty

The cats are needle felted. They are in scale with the FID.

More Kitty

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The first attempt

First cat

Stoner & Fritz

Stoner is a needle felted dog, Fritz a mixture of needle felting, fake fur on a foam body and wire legs with black socks. I am not entirely happy with both of them. Unfortunately Fritz did not survive my cat’s attempts to play with him.

Stoner the pooch

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The first attempt

Fritz the dog

Dolly pet shops on Etsy

Iplehouse sells dogs, panthers and cats. But there are some artists who make and sell wonderful little creatures, both furry and jointed. If you want to buy a pet for your doll, you might find something here:


Sandra Pandurov's lovely little critters


Daria Belomoina's phantasy creatures

Elleo Dolls

Apparently pausing business

Other shops

Eve the cat (Evestudio)

Olga Bekreeva’s designs. Eve the cat does not only sell cats.

And of course there are a lot of Chinese fake fur pets on Ebay. They are cheap and almost in scale, and if you just want a cat as a prop somewhere in a picture you will probably happy with one of those.

Calling the pet doll artists

I had an idea after I made Fritz, and I tried to describe what I had in mind. I don’t really know anyone who works with 3D-modelling, and after a couple of failed attempts to try with a free software I put the concept in a drawer. But I still think this might work. 

So if you are a doll artist and would like to use this idea to create a fully customizable dog for MSD, do it – just send me a dog. Haha.

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