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Esmée Landow

Head: Raccoondoll Daisy | NS

Body: Raccoon slim body, small bust NS 

Year: 2020

Wig: Lambskin, ResinRapture
Eyes: Glib oval glass green 6mm
Painted by ResinRapture

None present

Tiny Humanoid

Esmée Landow moved to the neighborhood in 2020. She just started her new job as receptionist in a local clinic. It’s not only a change of location but a complete change of lifestyle for her, and she is happy she made the decision to settle down.

Esmée has been working as cabin crew for the last eight years. Meeting new people every day and travelling around the globe is something she enjoyed very much.

But after eight years she felt it was time for a change. The effects of constantly travelling through time zones and changing shifts were starting to get to her. Esmée experienced increasing trouble with sleep disturbances. At first she was able to cope with the help of valerian root. After a while she was suffering from chronic insomnia and couldn’t function without medication. As much as she loved the job, it just wasn’t worth feeling like a zombie.

Esmée is very happy with her decision and her new job. Her people skills come in handy, her colleagues seem to be nice and the job is challenging in a good way.

She found an apartment in walking distance from the clinic. She bought a wonderfully antique looking brass bedstead and enjoys a healthy and relaxing sleep rhythm for the first time in years again.

The apartment is above a shop that offers exclusive vintage bridal fashion and historically inspired costumes, and Esmée made friends with the shop owner Madame Constance, who is also the dress maker. As a result Esmée did her first ever model job for the shop’s website, and she has already been asked to do it again.

Modelling the historically inspired fashion got Esmée interested in improving her sewing skills. She started to make embroidered Victorian inspired purses and wants to learn more about dress making.

White lace does suit her very well, but her personal choices are a lot more colorful. Esmée was used to wear uniforms for such a long time that she still wears a lot of blazers and skirts, but she enjoys experimenting now that she doesn’t need to follow a strict dress code. 

Esmée walks to the clinic every day, and often grabs dinner from Eve’s Eatery. That’s how she met Roux and her circle of friends. The girls all get along great, and they started to hang out together. Esmée loves inline skating and is often joined by Roux for some after work rollerblading.

And now that she comes home every night Esmée would love to adopt a cat. She has also bought lots of plants and started to nest for the first time in years.

6 thoughts on “Esmée Landow”

  1. You are very beautiful Esmée Landow and look amazing in red … I think this is your colour! Although you also look very pretty in white too. I am pleased you have found a job you are happy with and have had the opportunity to settle in a nice apartment surrounded by good friends.

    Great back story Mia.😍
    Big hugs,

    1. Thank you! I am happy that you think red is her color, I thought so too. I will post more outfits, I just need to finish them 🙂

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