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Ludivine Etienne

Head: Raccoon Emma | NS

Body: Raccoon slim body, large bust NS

Year: 2018

Wig: Iplehouse
Eyes: Glib oval glass Lt. Grey 6mm
Painted by ResinRapture

Tiny humanoid

Best friends QueenieWaldenLudivine and Roux live in a turn-of-the-century brownstone transformed into appartments. The house belongs to Queenie’s parents. The downstairs rooms and former servant quarters are now serving as a shared office/conference room, a photo studio and a shared living room. Each of them has their own appartment, but they often work together and like to hang out or invite friends.

Ludivine is an interior designer and runs a store that offers exclusive home accessories. Luxurious fabrics, antiques and unique handmade decorations are her specialty.

Some magazines described Ludivine as temptress incarnate, and she certainly has a very seductive quality. But not in a sexual way, she is just captivating in her ability to lose herself in sensory impressions. And she delights in making her clients experience the same joy. She is naturally charming, funny, sensual and the kind of person who would throw herself on a bed just to feel the softness of a cover with the child-like innocence of enjoyment. It is this naturalness that entices her clients to experience colors and materials with an equally open mind. But some people certainly let their imagination run free and read more into it.

Ludivine has a talent to find pleasure even in the smallest sensation, like a scent, a soft surface, a delicious taste. That is probably the reason for her unique style of interior design and her success. She creates eclectic designs and combines antiques or just vintage furniture, high quality fabrics and other basic elements for a warm hued, calm basic color and form scheme and uses that as a frame to set off bohemian or vintage elements, a few lush colours and unique decoration.

Her designs feel intimate and feminine, they are rooms you want to explore, go treasure hunting to learn more about the interesting person that must live there. They are hinting, never demonstrating. A lot of magazines featured Ludivine’s work, and a lot of nonsense was written about how she does it. She doesn’t know, it’s completely intuitive.

Ludivine has learned to trust her gut feeling and acts on it, she’s spontaneous but rarely reckless. And she’s very good at giving rational explanations afterwards, because some of her clients want impressive and scientific sounding arguments. And Roux finds the rationality comforting. Ludivine’s instinct is sometimes scary, but her friends rely on it all the same.

Ludivine has a thing for vintage tin boxes and signs, they’re all over the house. She’s in the same modern dance class as Roux, but her favorite is tribal fusion belly dance. She has been belly-dancing for years now and she performs at charity events.

4 thoughts on “Ludivine Etienne”

  1. Another great backstory…How do you come up with them all? Emma is a lovely sculpt. Raccoon's face-ups for her sometimes bother me because they make her eyes look far apart. Your makeup seems to avoid that problem. Looking forward to reading more about her and her friends.

  2. Thank you :). I don't know, really. They come with the sculpt. Emma has these childlike curious eyes in combination with the seductive mouth. Her eyes are far apart (I think she was inspired by Gemma Ward), but I haven't noticed that with Raccoon FUs yet. I don't really see that many Emmas, she seems to be less popular. I have no idea why, she is so lovely.

  3. She sounds like a very interesting character!! I think you could make a Pinterest board or something with inspirations images that are similar to her designs… I'd love to see that! And as always, I'm in love with the outfits you made for her!

  4. Thank you 🙂 I think Pinterest is one of those platforms that offer images similar to those you link anyway. No idea how they do it, but I like it. Very inspirational.

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