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Lily the ghost

Head: MYou Ailsa | WS

Body: MYou MSD girl 3part WS

Year: 2016


Wig: ResinRapture, Mohair
Eyes: ACbjd glass, 12mm
Painted by ResinRapture

Otherworldly others

Ghost girl

This little ghost girl is not really part of the moonchild world, although she haunts the houses they live in.

Her name is Lily. She doesn’t remember her death, or even for how long she has been a ghost. Lily resides in the attic of the MacLean house, and the kids can see her if she wants to be seen. She seems to be a friendly ghost, and the kids are not afraid of her. She doesn’t communicate, but she can move objects.

The kids sometimes play board games with her, but she often disappears in the middle of a game. Lily seems to be content watching them from her favorite spot (an old swing chair), and they often forget that she’s there.


4 thoughts on “Lily the ghost”

  1. Hello, I love this graceful girl. ^-^
    Also I have a question, would you have a picture that would show the difference between the white and normal skin of Myou doll ? (I saw your article on your opening)

  2. Lily is WS, Nimue's body is NS. Since both are blushed the difference wouldn't show properly, but WS is pretty much the colour of miracle whip 😉

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