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Gideon Hofer

Head: Iplehouse FID Tedros | NS

Body: FID man model 

Year: 2019

Wig: Fatiao 6-7
Eyes: Glib oval glass hazel 6mm
Painted by ResinRapture

Tiny humanoid

During Gideon’s residency at an equine medical center he and vet tech Judith Amstaedter were assigned to work on the same team. On their first day of working together they simultaneously tried to calm a nervous horse down in Hutterite language, which was not only hilarious but the start of a special relationship between Gideon and Judith. They spent a lot of time together, fell in love and got married when he finished his residency.

And they have a lot more in common than their love for animals. Both were born into Hutterite colonies, albeit different ones. Both are not particularly religious, and both fought for their decision to leave the community and go to college. But even though they are happy to make a life for themselves in the outside world both miss the lifestyle and the close-knit community. While Gideon is still welcome in his colony since he looks after their livestock, Judith’s home is far away and her family is a lot less forgiving.

Gideon is a veterinarian for large animals, and he specialized in equine health management. He is Queenie’s vet, and she helped the couple when they were looking to buy a house next to the stables. Due to their upbringing Gideon and Judith sometimes feel like living in a foreign country, and the amount of paperwork was quite intimidating. They are happy to have found friends in Queenie and her housemates.

Gideon loves almost every aspect of his work. He likes driving through the countryside, the rural communities, the mud and the labour. He mostly treats horses, partly because he just likes them and partly because he prefers the work environment of his specialization over that of food cattle health management. He works two days a week at an equine hospital, the rest of his time is spent looking after the horses in the countryside. He does not require veterinary practice rooms, animals that can’t be treated in their stables are brought to the hospital. But he and Judith have turned an extension of their house into a small practice where people can buy supplies and medication. They have two stable boxes for horses that need monitoring.

The only thing he doesn’t like that much is that he doesn’t have as much time with Judith as before. She started to manage the practice office and she still assists when he is working close by. Horse riding, working in the garden and chores are still things Gideon and Judith do together whenever they can. Idleness is something they can’t really enjoy, reading is an exception.

Gideon is a very kind, reliable and level-headed man. Hutterites are raised to be altruistic and humble, appreciate simplicity and a lifestyle far from the outside world’s consumerism. Modern technology is not rejected, but it is meant to be used for work only, not for entertainment purposes. And even though Gideon has no qualms about spending a lot of money on medical equipment he still doesn’t feel comfortable with spending money on his clothes or items he doesn’t really need.

But since he left the colony he gradually started to enjoy things he never thought he would, like cooking, audio books on his way to a patient or singing along to loud rock music in the car. Hutterites grow up eating their meals in a communal room with the entire colony, and Gideon and Judith love having lots of people over for dinner.

8 thoughts on “Gideon Hofer”

  1. A-ha! Of course Gideon specializes in equine health–I had forgotten you have a horse. I watch several TV shows here dealing with veterinary medicine, so it's fun to read about Gideon's practice. I feel I understand exactly what he does when he goes to work. Like him, I wouldn't want to specialize in beef cattle. They're not as tame as dairy cattle so they're harder (and more dangerous) to handle. Horses are also dangerous to handle, but it sounds like Gideon has a calm, gentle touch that the horses respond to. He and Judith make a cute couple.

  2. Have you ever seen an old British TV series called 'All creatures great and small' ? I loved that as a child, and there was a time when I wanted to become a large animal vet. I hadn't thought about the danger- but of course you are right. It was more the idea of having to club animals rather than treat them because the meds are not compatible with food safety regulations.

  3. I do remember All Creatures Great and Small and also loved it, although I never felt the allure of working with large animals. One of the vets I watch nowadays is Dr. Jan Pol, who has a favorite saying, "Never turn your back on an Angus cow." You might as well paint a target on your back. I've watched him castrate bulls, deal with prolapsed uteruses and rectums, and dismember dead calves in uterus because they won't come out any other way, and I have one question. Why are these shows always on while I'm eating dinner?

  4. Dr. Pol sounds like a very interesting character. LOL 😀 … Good question. Maybe it's a secret plan to turn people into vegetarians. I have to look on youtube if I can find him. What's the name of the show?

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