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Head: MYou Gina | Coffee

Body: MYou 3part torso 27 cm girl

Year: 2022

Wig: Lambskin, ResinRapture
Eyes: Myou
Painted by ResinRapture

Tree folk girl

Meet Catkins, Willow’s little sister. Catkins and her brother are Tree People, also known as Tree Folk. In her own language her name sounds like a mixture of bird song and the rustling of leaves, so we will call her Catkins. 

Catkins, Willow and the rest of their family live in a willow tree hole. It’s their birth tree and family tree. 

More about the Tree Folk

Tree People are very small, just about the size of a squirrel, and almost as quick. They can be found high up in the treetops or down on the ground, foraging for berries, nuts and seeds. 

Depending on the climate and humidity they either live underground between roots or high up in the trees. They often built tree houses from woven twigs and moss. You might have seen one of those houses during winter, most people mistake them for mistletoes or bird’s nests.

In the Tree folk language every tree has it’s own name, it’s an addition of sounds to the name of the tree species. And every member of the family that calls the tree their home is named after the tree as a part of their full name. Tree Folk men move to their wife’s family tree if they bond for life. 

Tree Folk children have a lot of chores, and one of Catkins’ chores is to collect lavender. Tree people use dried herbs and flowers with a strong scent to keep moths and other bugs away from their homes. Catkins loves lavender, so this is one of the chores she actually enjoys very much. There’s a little sunny glade near to their family tree. Lavender, rosemary, foxglove and woodruff can be found there, and Catkins spends as much time as possible there. It’s one of her favorite spots. She knows she needs to be careful around the foxglove – it’s poisonous even to Tree Folk. But she loves it’s bright colors.

Catkins and Willow made friends with a couple of rabbits. They asked them to eat the weeds around their favorite plants to give them more light and space to grow. Willow is Catkins’ favorite brother, and the two of them like to go hunting and foraging together.

Catkins always carries her little bag with her, just in case she finds something interesting. She would bring a lot more findings home if there was more space to store them, but she found some small holes and crevices to hide her treasures. Pretty snail shells, beautiful blue striped jay feathers, tiny glittering quartz stones – all those things are stored safely in many secret places. The first thing Catkins and Willow do when winter is over and the snow melts is to check if they are still there. And if they aren’t, the two of them try to find new treasures to replace the lost ones. With all the chores and the foraging they still have free time, and this is one of their favorite ways to spend it.

Catkins is good at sewing and mending clothes, and she recently tried her hands on embroidery. Her first finished work is the embroidery on her little bag. 


12 thoughts on “Catkins”

  1. Catkins is gorgeous! I loved her outfit, the wig suits her perfectly, and the story is very intriguing. I definitely want to read more about the Tree People!

    1. Thank you! This is almost like a real-time hello, I just posted her introduction a few minutes before your comment. Now I just have to update Willow’s character info to include a sibling.

  2. I love your stories of their lives as much as I love your beautiful little people.

  3. She’s so cute, I can imagine her searching for lavender, and walking through the woods. It’s such a lovely story, and I really like how you described how her name sounds in her own language. 🙂 Wonderful, I look forward to see more photos of the siblings! Hugs!

    1. Thank you! I have lots of lavender pictures (I even made a little basket for her to collect it). And you will see more of them. I am very tempted to get another one, but they all look very similar.

  4. Beautiful siblings with a very interesting storyline Mia. I shall look forward to reading more about these Tree Folk of yours, I love fantasy stories like this.
    Big hugs,

  5. astras Dollirium

    so sweet and her story is gorgeous and so well told i look forward to seeing her family members and hearing their back ground stories also!!

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