ResinRapture doll fashion

Sewing for my dolls

Except for the shoes almost everything my dolls wear is handmade. I draft my own patterns and most of my dolls clothes are made with one specific character’s style in mind. I am not big on elaborate costumes, my clothes tend to be plain casual. Wearable outfits that support the character in style and color are what I aim for. The pictures below show only some of the clothes I have made over the years.

Large men fashion

The men do have more to wear, but I have to admit that the girls get way more new stuff.

Large women fashion

Some of these dresses are commissions, and some are modeled by girls who wouldn’t normally wear them. I made them just for fun.

FID man fashion

The FID men also get not as much new clothes as the girls. Poor guys…

Jewelry & Accessories

The girls have a lot more jewelry, scarfs, hats and bags, but these are pictures I already have.

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