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Rachel Záhada

Head: Ancient Tales Rachel

Body: Mature tiny art doll by Helga Reinhard, Ancient Tales body 33,5cm

Year: 2017

Wig: Dollmore
Eyes: Ancient Tales
Painted by ResinRapture

Otherworldly others


Meet Rachel Záhada- or Razá, as her friends call her. Záhada is Czech for enigma or mystery. She is a sphinx-like lady of many secrets, and she can be angelic as well as daemonic. She is an augur, a seer who has visions of things to come. She keeps that to herself, though. She occasionally does séances, but what she tells people is only bits and pieces, and mostly she just tells them what they want to hear.

She likes to travel and visit places with history, and she has been a travel guide for archeological sites and historic monuments. She loves the mysterious ones the best, of course.

Razá has also been a variety dancer, a singer and tightrope artist. Dominatrix and librarian, she has done it all. She is a quiet, subtle observer and amused by human folly. She is very smart, knows her own mind and she looks regal even in rags.

4 thoughts on “Rachel Záhada”

  1. Rachel is looking great! I love the wig you chose for her, and all her outfits, but especially the corset with the tiny roses. Her backstory is fascinating, too. "Dominatrix and librarian" made me laugh. I worked as a librarian for a number of years. Can't say I ever encountered any librarian who could fill a dominatrix role. 😀

  2. Thanks 🙂 Haha, I know, that's what gave me the idea. Who knows, maybe one of your fellow librarians had a secret life and forced people to read books… I am glad the wig fits her, but her head is a bit larger than your May's

  3. She is so stunning, honestly! Her character is also very interesting as well. I adore the outfits you made for her, the last one is actually my favorite!

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