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Solovet Luna MacLean

Head: Iplehouse EID Aurora | NS

Body: SID small bust NS

Year: 2016

Wig: Iplehouse
Eyes: Eyeco soft Frisco, 10mm
Painted by ResinRapture


Solovet came to visit her siblings Eryn, Alasdair and Unnea. They asked for her help with some financial transactions and Solovet thought it would be nice to stay for a while, catch up, give her son Peregrin the chance to meet his cousins again and relax for a bit.

Solovet is a finacial advisor for moonchild finances. All supernaturals need to find ways to handle their finances during a supernatural lifespan without raising suspicion. The supernatural council founded a bank a long time ago to manage accounts for clients with extraordinary longevity, but most of them prefer gold or other enduring valuables. Family treasures are mostly kept in secret places, guarded and conceiled with charms, but moonchildren still need cash and bank accounts for transactions in human society.

Solovet’s job is to trade in valuable items and manage supernatural accounts. She is not only a supernatural banker but an expert in antiques, valuable gems, precious metal and real estate. She has always had a talent with numbers and she loves her work.

Solovet is the eldest MacLean sister, and she felt responsible for her younger siblings all her life. So much so that they sometimes thought she could use a bit more fun in her life to balance her graveness and caution. Solovet is a very sober person, orderly and conservative. But she can also be very tenacious and she loves to treat herself to the adrenalin rush of a good run.

She tries to make time to spend it with her son Peregrin every day, they both like running, chess and jigsaw puzzles, and if it’s possible he accompanies her on her travels. His father left a couple of years ago, and Solovet is quite content with her life as a single mom. She tries to keep her mothering in check and encourages her son’s adventurous side, but he seems to have inherited a lot of her qualities.

Solovet is not all business-like, though. She loves cooking (and eating), her comfy home and music, preferably swing and jazz. She is also very interested in all sorts of things, geology, art and antique jewelry, not only as a part of her job.


2 thoughts on “Solovet Luna MacLean”

  1. I love how you've styled Solovet. It works perfectly with her story. Her backstory is fascinating with the supernatural high finance. Will you be shelling the character of Peregrin with another Iplehouse doll? Which sculpt have you chosen for him?

  2. Thank you :). I am very happy with her. Peregrin is the little guy with the odd wig choice :). I just didn't have the time to take decent pictures.

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