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Dorothy Luna MacLean

Head: Iplehouse KID Celina | NS

Body: KID girl NS

Year: 2017

Wig: Fatiao
Eyes: Eyeco smoke, 10mm
Painted by ResinRapture


Dorothy (Dots) is another member of the MacLean family clan. She fell from a tree and had a concussion and some bruised ribs, and her parents brought her to Eryn’s home. They were just preparing to go on a journey abroad when it happened and since they couldn’t postpone the trip they decided it would be best to have Unnea look after Dorothy.

She recovered fast and is now enjoying the benefits of having a lot of new play mates. Who call her Dots, like all her friends and family. Dots is not only the nickname she gave herself as a toddler but rather descriptive. Dots loves dots. Small dots, large dots, dots in all colors.

Apart from her dotty partiality for dots she is a very independent young lady who has a mind of her own and speaks it. She likes to explore her surroundings, and the dirtier she can get in the process the better. Dots also likes to climb trees to read and sometimes can’t be found for hours. She can be stubborn, and these are the occasions were she’s called Dorothy.

But she never tries to talk other kids into following her lead. As independent and curious as she might be, Dots is neither looking for trouble nor is she reckless. At least not on purpose. When she is with younger kids she even has a sense of responsibility and tries to keep her ideas in check.


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