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Eryn Luna MacLean

Head: Iplehouse EID Carina | NS

Body: SID body, large bust 

Year: 2014

Wig: Iplehouse
Eyes: Eyeco A190, 11 mm
Painted by ResinRapture


Eryn is one of Alasdair’s four sisters and mother of Fiona, Mailin, Finn and Neala. They are the youngest of her seven kids, her eldest two have already left home but the remaining keep her busy enough, even without the other kids in her house. The MacLean women have always been with many children.

Eryn does not only take care of her own kids but provides a home for changing numbers of Moonchild kids. She is running sort of an inofficial school and rehab for Moonchildren together with her sister Unnea, who is a healer.

Some kids are relatives who follow the Moonchild tradition to spend years away from home to learn new things, but more of them are learning how to live with a medical condition called eclipse syndrome, a condition that only affects Moonchildren. Unlike cuts and bruises it can only be treated by a Moonchild healer.

Eryn leads a rather stressful life, but she really loves what she is doing. She is grateful that her brother takes care of her nestlings Fiona and Mailin so often, though.

Eryn is a very warm and caring person, first and foremost mom and foster mom and a great teacher. Maybe she is a little overprotective sometimes and tends to forget that her little brother is a grown man now, but he doesn’t mind.

Like most of the MacLean women Eryn is optimistic and positive, fun loving, sultry and most of the time full of energy – a sensual earth mother with a lot of pragmatism and common sense. And her vitality is audible: she has a sonorous voice and loves to laugh. But a house crawling with children takes it’s toll even on the strongest, and Eryn knows phases of exhaustion.

She doesn’t have that much time for herself, sometimes she even forgets to brush her hair, so she likes everything to be practical and time-saving. She has Unnea cut her hair once a year and she lets it grow out until it annoys her too much. If she does have time she likes to dress up and go to the theater or exhibitions.