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ResinRapture sewing

Sewing for Iplehouse dolls

“It’s not the size that matters…”

Who ever said that obviously never attempted to dress an Iplehouse doll. If you can’t find clothes for your dolls you need to get creative.

And what could be more fun than finishing a nice new outfit?

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I love to sew for my crew.  And with three boxes full of patterns I am happy to share some of them with you. Most of my dolls are on a classic body.  If you want to use any of the patterns for the new slim body types you might have to adjust them to fit. I hope the PDF patterns are a bit more convenient to use than the JPG files I had on my old blog. I’d love to see what you do with it, so please tag @resinrapture on your Instagram if you made something!

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Little helpers

Pants tutorial

Please read this before you use the pants patterns

Doll measurements

Iplehouse and Raccoon doll measurements

How to create patterns using the tape method

Create your own sewing patterns for any size

3 sewing tips : Ruffles, zipper & sleeves

How to ruffle a skirt, set a zipper and attach sleeves

Sewing math

I hate math. But patterns are basically applied geometry, so you can’t avoid a bit of math. The great thing about Iplehouse dolls is that the body sizes are more or less proportionally up- or down-scaled. That makes it possible to do the same with patterns. Most printers offer a custom input field for the printing size scale, that makes it easy.

If you want to scale a pattern for a proportionally similar doll, choose one specific measurement (e.g the waist) of the size you want to sew for. Divide it by the corresponding measurement you have a pattern for. 

FID 15 cm, EID 21 cm waist
15 ÷ 21 = 0,714 (71% scaling of your EID pattern should do the trick)

If you need to round the numbers up or down, you’ll want to do a double-check.

Example: 21 ÷ 100 =0,21 (that’s 1%). 0,21 x 71= 14,91 (not quite the 15 cm you want, but you see where you are going)
Of course the formula “I want” divided by “I have” works for upscaling as well. 
21 ÷ 15 = 1,4 (scaling to 140%) in this case. That wasn’t so difficult, was it? 

Nice little tool for skirt calculation Circle skirt calculator 

Patterns for Iplehouse dolls

Some of the patterns come with tutorial, some are just patterns. You might want to do a pattern test with your machine and your way of doing things before you cut your favorite fabcric. The patterns are for prewashed fabric. And of course they are basic patterns you can alter by adding long sleeves, waistbands or any other modification you want.

Free Iplehouse sewing pattern
KID pants

Free Iplehouse sewing pattern
JID boy pants

Free Iplehouse sewing pattern
JID girl pants

Free Iplehouse sewing pattern
EID SID nYID man pants

Free Iplehouse sewing pattern
EID SID nYID girl pants

Free Iplehouse sewing pattern
EID SID nYID skirt

Free Iplehouse sewing pattern

Free Iplehouse sewing pattern
nYID lace babydoll (+tutorial)

Free Iplehouse sewing pattern
KID JID COAT (+tutorial)

Free Iplehouse sewing pattern
FID man trunks (+tutorial)

Free Iplehouse sewing pattern
FID curvy top & leggings (+tutorial)

Free Iplehouse sewing pattern
Flat shoes for girls (+tutorial)

Patterns for various dolls

Clothes and accessoiries

Curvy Fashionista Barbie pattern (Basic shirt and leggings) | Paola Reina MiniAmiga pattern (fits Kruselings with alteration) | The all – doll capelet Brianna style knitting pattern (basic construction can be used for almost every size) | Little critter friend for dolls (easy doll companion) | Doll bag patterns: Tote bag & hobo bag / Saddle bag & messenger bag | 1:6 scale Armchair tutorial and pattern | Raccoon women exercise outfit (fits slim and NaPoGlam body)

Blythe patterns (Pure Neemo S body)

Blythe bib overall pattern (fits Kruseling and Kurhn with alterations) | Blythe coat / jacket pattern | The All-in-one dress pattern

Sewing and fabric...

Using the right fabric for a project can make the difference between success and frustration. The following posts are about fabric choices and shopping, storage and time management. Just the personal experience of a doll seamstress, but maybe you’ll find them useful.

Where was the blue ribbon again? Re-organizing the stash and finding long forgotten…


If you didn’t find a pattern you were looking for here, you might get lucky following the links below.

Designs by Jude (Lots of doll patterns for various sizes) | Antique Lilac’s free patterns (just patterns) | DOA pattern forum (members only)

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