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I’ve been a bad girl and ordered far too many dolls.  I got away with (self-imposed) community service…
Just kidding. The community section is all about other people in the hobby. Have fun exploring!

Badge fun

ProArtist ribbon Instagram

BJD artist solidarity ribbon

The PRO artist banners were the first I made. The statement needed a bit more design than the usual “no smoking sign look” to carry some weight. That’s why I played around and came up with the ball jointed solidarity ribbon.

If you share the opinion, share the banners! You can use them on your site or blog, on Instagram, where ever you like. 

ProArtist banner 100 x 300
ProArtist banner 180x150
ProArtist banner 120 x 90

Community badges

All the badges are free and for you! You can download and use them on your blog, your Instagram, in discussions or anywhere else. I only ask that you do not rename the files. Thank you!

What kind of doll lover are you? There might be just the badge for you..

The Community badges are a fun project. I thought it would be cool to create badges for us doll enthusiasts. Subscribers will get notified of new badge-posts automatically. There will be more!

Where to buy legit dolls

Of course most in our small community already know. But just in case you stumbled upon this blog and are new to the world of BJD: Apart from reliable second hand private sellers legit dolls can usually only be ordered from the company directly.  New Iplehouse dolls offered on ebay or Amazon are illegal recasts. They are banned from DOA and many discussion groups. See Iplehouse statement on illegal recasts. 

Iplehouse and Raccoondoll

Both Iplehouse and Raccoondoll are South Korean companies. 

Iplehouse official website

Official Iplehouse website (English version)

Official Raccoon doll website

Raccoon doll website (English version)

MYou agent

Reliable agent for Myou dolls.

Where is your order?
All in one tracking:

Clothes shopping

Regular SD and MSD clothes usually don’t fit Iplehouse/Raccoondolls. If you are looking for shopping options other than Iple and Raccoon company outfits, you might find something nice here:


Official shop | Etsy


Handmade jeans in Iple size


Beautiful phantasy costumes


Clothes & accessories


Lots of small wigs

Ball jointed discussion

Face ups, incoming and hot glue sueding? Huh? Never mind, there are some places where doll talk is understood and welcome.

Iplehouse and Raccoondoll discussion groups on facebook.

You need a facebook account to join the groups.

Iplehouse BJD lovers

An Iplewhelmed group for all doll sizes

Iplehouse FID love

A facebook group dedicated to Iplehouse FID

Raccoon doll group

A facebook group for Raccoon lovers

Den of Angels latest discussions:

Den of Angels (or DoA) is the “motherboard” of all BJD discussion. Some of the content might be accessible for members only.

(Use the right-click option “open in new tab/window” if you don’t want to leave this page)

More discussion in: Russian | French | More (Source DoA-Wiki)

Friends & Community

A dolly journey through the web

This hobby would not be possible without the internet, and it would be a lot less fun without pictures, inspiration and a lot of people who put effort and skill into their work and share the results. There’s so much talent out there that it’s hard to pick favorites. 

But of course everyone does. I follow a lot of blogs, but I am not big on commenting. But there are a lot of artists I admire and flickr accounts I frequently visit. Even if some of them have not been updated in a while.

Featured blogs

As the resin world turns

Balljointedwoman was not only a blogger friend but a queen of the crochet hook. Rest in peace, my lovely friend!

My dolly adventures

Musume writes about a lot of things, but what makes her blog unique are her monthly interviews with artists in the hobby. Check out her impressive list of interviews.

Antique Lilac

Martha Boers perfected the art of doll costuming. Her picture galleries are just awe-inspiring, and her patterns have probably been tried by every aspiring doll costumer.

More blogs

In addition to the featured blogs here are some more:

The Iplehouse period sewing projects are inspiring.

Whispering Grass 
Ira Scargeear is a multi-talented artisan. 

Yenna’s outdoor pictures are beautiful, the light, nature, the colors.

Doll artists

Some of the doll artists I had on my list have become quite popular since I postet the first “dolly journey” in 2016. Amadiz, Natalia Loseva or Youpla for example. Some have found other fields of activity. I hope the doll artists in the following list keep doing what they are doing: creating wonderful little people. 
All the pictures are taken from public accounts of the respective doll artists. 

Natalia Loseva
Russian doll artist
resin & porcelain

Spirit Imprint
Anna Akchurina
Russian doll artist

Kkerrin dolls
Katerina Kkerrin
Russian doll artist

Rosengarden BJD
Tatiana Nagrebecka
Polish doll artist

Solar wind dolls
Anna Egorova
Russian doll artist

Bardo Research
Oxana & Aleksei Geets
Russian doll artists

Dragon Shell
Marina Balagur
Russian doll artist

Anna Kucherenko
Anna Kucherenko
Russian doll artist

Olga Kobrina
Animal toy artist
Russian doll artist

Olga Morozova
Russian doll artists

Emilia Nieminen
Finnish doll artist

Ukrainian doll artist

SugarBone Dolls
Oli Krolik (Olga Kamenetskaya)
Ukrainian doll artist

American doll artist

VF dolls
Viki Fribus
German doll artist

Whispering grass
Iryna Ivakhnenko
Ukrainian doll artist

Favorite Flickrs

Some of these have not seen new pictures in a while, but they are still worth a visit.

Julia Cross
Kasia Nowak

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