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Fruit of the loom and other stuff

This is going to be a post about stuff I made or bought (or already had). Which is probably what most posts are about ;).

I am working on so many things at the same time that I start to feel slightly confused. So you get bits of this and that, and I can keep track of the progress by posting what I have made.

First of all: Area rug. I wanted an area rug for my kitchen make-over, and since it’s really easy to make a small loom I decided to weave it.


Basic construction


It’s basically just a piece of cardboard, the warp is about 8 cm (3.15″) wide. My weaving shuttle is one of those face mask nose wires. I would have been able to work much quicker with a handloom with heddle bar, but I don’t have one, so over-under-over-under it is. I’ve never attempted weaving before, but I have seen how it works. I am quite happy how my area rug turned out. I just need to cut the fringes evenly. There are some slight irregularities in width, mostly because my warp lost tension after a while. I will apply what I have learnt next time.



I also finished a shirt for Roux.


And one of the dogs I ordered arrived. I saw this Husky on Kamelia’s blog and loved it. I still have a bulldog, a greyhound and a Shiba Inu on the way, all found here.


Maskcat Klara – Perdita


And look what I found! It’s a ceramic soap dish. It has “Bain de Paris” written on one side, but the other side is plain white. This will look very nice in my future bath room. It doesn’t have a hole (which is probably not that great if your soap gets soaked, and probably the reason why it came at a reduced price). So you can actually fill it with water. There was a really big one in plastic on Amazon, but this one has just the right size to fit nicely into a small room, even if this doll can only sit in it.


22 x 10 x 9,5 cm bath tub


And last but not least: A paper clip holder from AliExpress that makes a perfect 1/6 washbasin (Google Lavabo clipbox) and the printed thingyverse– toilet made by badgerfashion. I asked the friend who kindly printed it to adjust the seat height to 7,5cm. I am not sure how that works, but apparently it wasn’t a problem. This is how it came, I just need to sand it a little bit and maybe paint it. Seat and lid can be opened separately, and the water tank is a separate piece as well.


1:6 washbasin and toilet



11 thoughts on “Fruit of the loom and other stuff”

  1. Love that bathroom basin. I’ve never used Aliexpress, I don’t feel comfortable using it, but I’d love one of these. Funny, but I’ve started weaving for dolls too, lol. Your mat looks great.

    1. Thank you! Maybe you can find a basin somewhere else? Oh, what are you making? It’s really funny how the dolls make us unearth “old” techniques.

  2. You are one of the most creative people I know, that loom is brilliant! The rug is very pretty. πŸ™‚ That little toilet is so realistic! You have everything for the bathroom already, teh dolls will be so pleased with their own spa area! ;D

  3. The rug looks really great. πŸ™‚
    And yes, Husky is so great. I can’t wait to see other dogs.

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