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The shared tiny house

Well, not a complete house, but my 1/6 scale mature tiny dolls have a shared living room now. As most shared rooms the furniture doesn’t reflect the character of each and every inhabitant. I doubt Rachel would go for cute bear and bird pictures on the wall, but she seems to feel quite at home here. And as far as I have experienced shared accommodation it’s far too tidy πŸ™‚

With this room I decided to go for colorful and cute as far as the decoration is concerned. I hope the cute factor is not overwhelming, and it still looks like a room used by mature inhabitants. And this is actually the first room where my tiny china set looks in scale with the rest as well as the dolls.

But first things first:

BJD Diorama TinyHouseShare- 1:6 scale living room


Meet the inhabitants

Ancient Tales Rachel enjoys a cup of tea and a bit of afternoon quiet time.


The fashion dolls

My Kurhn, Xinyi and the Mengfan I recently added to the unstrung crowd. They still have their original faces, but I cut the Kurhn’s hair.


Blythe house

And Betty and Sylvie πŸ™‚

I have to admit that I love how the Blythes look in this setting. That’s why you get to see loads of pictures with these little ladies. And I couldn’t resist the “Blythe house”. There actually is a real Blythe house, it’s a building in West Kensington that is used as an Archive for a couple of British Museums.

10 thoughts on “The shared tiny house”

  1. It looks great, the art works behind the sofa and the books next to it make the room look very cozy and real! I love the floor as well. It suits all for all your girls. Good job!

  2. You room looks great with all the dolls Mia, it’s very cute yet still extremely versatile. You have a great eye for creating everything in the right scale. I have trouble getting it right sometimes, especially with plants!
    Big hugs,

    1. Thank you! The succulent was a lucky find. It works for many sizes because you can’t really tell what it is, and they come in so many different sizes in real life that they kind of always look right.

  3. The room is really lovely and all of the girls look great seated in it. My favourites I think are the Blythe girls, I think it just suits them that little bit more than the others. I love little dioramas and this is no exception πŸ™‚

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