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A bath room for 1:6 dolls

First pictures of my new bath room! I am very happy with the way it turned out. With the old fashioned tub and wash basin I wanted it to look a bit like a country home bath room, timeless, used and kind of plain. The only fancy looking thing is the little lamp. I would have preferred it in silver, but it only came in gold.

I just need to find a way to illuminate both windows- the sky light and the big window. And I guess the small rooms need their own picture format- they just don’t fit well into my usual templates. A lot of the things in this room (and the room itself) are self made. The wash stand, towel racks, the tub fittings, towels, the window shade and bath mat are designed and made by my own (now chapped) hands. You’ll find a list of the bought props at the end of this post.

This room is supposed to be a quiet retreat for a relaxing bath, unhurried morning routines, sunlight and scents.

The floor boards creak a little. There’s a tree nearby, so add bird song to the ambient noise. It smells like warm wood, lavender, Laura’s favorite carnation scented soap and fresh towels.

And now pictures, please excuse the many similar looking ones- I have been playing with the light. I hope you like the tiny bath room as much as my girls πŸ™‚


And since this is still a shared tiny home, the bath is shared as well.



And of course the tiny bath is nice and clean!



Bought props:

The (free) 3D toilet template from Badgerfashion on thingyverse, kindly printed by a friend. A bath tub (soap dish) and a tiny dollhouse lamp from Amazon. The basin is a “Lavabo clipbox”, this one as well as the tiny set of toiletries on the wash stand counter are from MICRO WORLD store on Aliexpress.


12 thoughts on “A bath room for 1:6 dolls”

  1. Such an amazing room creation! Plus, your pictures are the cherry on top. Love what you’ve done!

  2. OMG, this is so beautiful Mia! And very cozy! You did wonderful work. I love everything in this bathroom. Love the photos too, it’s very realistic looking with your handpainted dolls. Haha, potty reading πŸ˜€ :D, and you actually added running water effect in the last photo, so cool. And Perdita knows how to make a bathroom super clean!

    1. Thank you! Potty reading is a sure sign of some peace and quiet :D. The running water is just photoshopped, but pssst. I tried to make Perdita really scrub, but her head is so big that she falls over in that position.

  3. What a wonderful peaceful little oasis this bathroom is. I wish that I had one like this for myself πŸ™‚

  4. Oh my, that bathroom is great!! And it photographs so, so well! The details are amazing!
    Also, I laughed so much at some of those photos! Not elegant, but definitely realisting!

  5. Well girl haven’t you been busy…I love the bathroom and the photos, especially “potty reading” it gave me quite a chuckle. I also love Perdita, she’s a real cutie pie!

    In reply to your recent comment, yes I’m still here and healthy as an ox, just so busy with home renos. I will be posting photos of the kitchen soon (I hope) as it’s finished apart from the open shelves.
    Big hugs,

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