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Making deadly potions

Well, not really. But I want to build a laboratory for Unnea, and I need props. First I went through my box with things I keep because they might be useful some day. It’s not really just one box ; )

I knew I had a couple of tiny glass bottles somewhere. I found them and made lots of tiny labels. The herbs on the labels really have medicinal properties. And I filled the tiny bottles with herbs and spices to make them look as real as possible. Some of the ingredients are obviously poisonous. That green liquid with the skull on the label should be handled with care, I think.

I made a (rather sloppy) mortar and pestle and a knife. I cut up another tea candle’s wrapper for that. The metal-like material is great for making objects like knifes. It’s aluminium, I believe. It’s soft enough to cut it with scissors.

Unnea brought back some African statues from her travels, and the burner in skull form is a gift from a witch.  I made those some years ago. The bird skull is a real bird skull, I found it in the garden.

I have a day off coming up, and I hope the light will be good to take the pictures I have in mind.

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