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Couch potatoes

Ruben and Tristania both had a busy day. It’s a cold and rainy evening, and Ruben is watching some old Dr. House episodes on DVD while he’s waiting for Tristania to come home. Solovet dropped by earlier to borrow some books but didn’t want to stay.

Iplehouse Rex – Ruben Luna Andersson


Iplehouse Aurora – Solovet Luna McLean


Tristania arrived in time for the next episode, and now she just wants to put her feet up and enjoy a bit of cuddling. They don’t have the room to themselves that often. The girls are up in Stella’s room doing girl stuff and Seraphine is playing cello in her room. The house smells of freshly baked bread and the firewood Ruben brought in earlier. It feels so much like home, warm, comfy and relaxing – they almost fall asleep on the couch…


6 thoughts on “Couch potatoes”

  1. I love this. Your props are so perfectly scaled and true to life that it's like watching real people enjoying an evening at home. I almost expected Tristania to fall asleep with her head in Ruben's lap. It's clever how the photographer/viewer become the television set with the characters looking straight at it.

  2. Thank you :). I wasn't sure if I should mention the TV, but the fireplace is to the left, and staring into the fire should have changed the light. So they watch TV, even if they don't have one ;).

  3. The care you put into these pictures is stunning. Everything is so detailed, perfect, and in scale. And they look so natural in their poses. Goals, definitely!

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