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Art props

The creation of Leander’s art studio requires some props.

I made most of it, but the tiny set of drawers and his easel are bought. I just added some varnish to make them look used.

BJD Diorama Artstudio – ResinRapture


I made the tiny paint brushes and tubes and the bottle the turpentine first. The brushes are kebab skewers I painted in different colors. I cut the brush from a human sized paint brush and wrapped some aluminium around the end. Since I didn’t take pictures of all the steps in the process: Here’s a tutorial how to make tiny brushes.

The tiny tubes and the turpentine are made from FIMO wrapped in tin foil. I made the tiny labels in Photoshop and printed them. The paper clip in the pictures is just a size reference.

BJD Diorama Artstudio props – ResinRapture


BJD Diorama Artstudio – ResinRapture


And of course I needed some sketches and Unnea’s portrait. So I did some quick sketches of Leander’s family, Ruben and Leona, I already had the guy in blue. I don’t remember when I made that, it just was a nice fit size-wise.

BJD Diorama Artstudio Props- ResinRapture


BJD Diorama Artstudio props – ResinRapture


And Leander needed hands that could hold a brush, so I exchanged his right hand with one of the SID woman hands. It has painted nails, but I hope nobody will notice.

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