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Progress in the bedroom

Do you remember the tiny shared house I started to build a while ago? I had planned to work on the bedroom right after I finished the bath. But other things needed my attention and I did not finish the room as planned. It is still not completely finished, but I have made some progress.

The bedroom is on the top floor, like the bath it has one slanted wall and a skylight. The window is between the bath and the bedroom, I just need to add some nice curtains and a background. Somewhere in my fabric stash there must be a light yellow cotton with tiny flowers, I just couldn’t find it. Or maybe just café curtains? I am not sure yet.

I made a tiny desk with fake drawers for the bed room. The white lamp is bought, and so is the notebook. The chair is one of the chairs I made for the kitchen table, but it looks nice with the desk as well.


Diorama TinyHouse


I made the bed and a matching tiny nightstand to go with it. My girls like to read before they go to sleep. Who doesn’t like a good murder mystery and a cup of tea, tucked in and comfy?


TinyHouse night stand


And I found this red dollhouse alarm-clock that looks exactly like the one I had as a kid. One of those you just can’t ignore. I still remember the sound of the alarm.

The tiny shelf is painted in the same colors as the desk. And of course I made all the books. Apparently the tiny girls in the house like Harry Potter just as much as I do.


TinyHouse bed room


The little plants are bought as well. I think it’s quite enough furniture for this tiny room. Even if the future inhabitants won’t have a closet. Unfortunately the bed is so long that it’s hard to take pictures of the room without visible endings of the wall or floor in the picture. I am not sure where to put which picture, that’s why some of them still sit on the shelf. There will be a quilted bed spread as well. Some day.


Diorama TinyHouse bedroom


I thought about adding fringes to the rug, but I actually quite like it without. What do you think?

Anyway, if I manage to finish the room this year, I will post lots of pictures of course. But for now this will have to do.



11 thoughts on “Progress in the bedroom”

  1. Great work, it’s a lovely room! The desk is very nice, and all the little accessories are too. Indeed, reading a good book in bed with a hot drink, nothing better 🙂. I don’t think the rug needs fringes, it looks modern and nice as it is and fits the style of the interior very well.

    1. Thank you so much, I have been feeling guilty for not making any progress for such a long time. Glad to know you don’t think fringes are necessary. But there is still work to be done.

  2. Oh this is certainly coming along nicely Mia, the room looks lovely and fresh. I love that you have focussed in on all the little details you have added, (something which I always forget to do). I agree with Linda, the rug doesn’t need the fringe. I’ve been meaning to ask – what scale are you working in?
    Big hugs,

    1. Thank you :). More details will follow, or so I hope. This tiny house is meant for 1:6 scale dolls, but some of the props are actually 1:12.

      1. I would imagine in 1:6 scale this is actually going to be a little more than tiny. 🙂 I wish I had room for a whole house instead of simply re-arranging the same room. It’s difficult to get everything in 1:6 scale, some of mine are called 1:12 too, however, I’m not sure if some Chinese made items are actually somewhere in between and can be used for both. Do you find that as well?

        1. True. I think it depends on the proportions. Barbie e.g. have very tiny hands, so the 1:12 scale props like food etc work for them. 1:6 is harder to find, you are right.

  3. I like the rug without the fringes too. The room looks amazing. Especially love all the little details and that wood panelling on the wall – I love that style. I attempted it once and never got around to finishing it for one of my dioramas. Which doll size is the room for?

    1. Thank you! I love wood panels too, I would like them in human scale. They have a country home vibe, don’t you think? This one is 1:6 scale, Barbie, Monst, all the dolls that are around 30 cm or smaller.

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