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The art studio – you are my muse

You are my muse - Unnea sits for Leander

Leander asked Unnea to sit for a drawing, and she visited his studio today.
She was really curious to see his work and what it would be like to sit for a portrait. He usually doesn’t like people to see sketches and unfinished work, but they feel so comfortable with each other that he doesn’t mind her browsing through his sketches before they start working.

But they should get started before the light changes. 

Leander helps her to drape the cloth and arrange it into folds. The whole procedure requires a lot of touching, of course...

One last thing: May I undo your hair?

Hold that pose, it’s perfect! Now to work…

~ The End ~
(of this photo story, not of the love story). I hope you enjoyed this as much as the two of them.

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