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Work in progress

Slow but steady…

I started with this in January, and I’ll add the pictures from the first post again.

Since I managed to damage the diorama I made some time ago I had plans to build a new one. I wanted it to be a little easier to store, and with a slightly different set of parts. This time I used something called Finnpappe (woodpulp board), very easy to cut but not quite as sturdy as the old one.

Basic set of walls


BJD Diorama Moonchild Mansion Set up

The walls of my new diorama are finally painted, and one of the part’s backs makes a nice new background.
I mixed the colour for the foam stucco piece with sand to make it look less like styrofoam.


BJD Diorama Moonchild Mansion Set up


BJD props – ResinRapture


BJD props – ResinRapture


2 thoughts on “Work in progress”

  1. The diorama is coming along well. I love that it has a door and a window. Can't wait to see it with dolls and furniture.

    Love the red dress. The trim and beads make wonderful accents. As for the neckline on the second dress, perhaps you could tack it down in one or two spots to hold it in place. All it takes is a quick stitch or two from underneath–they won't show from the right side. Although, a ribbon accent would be pretty, too. Beautiful work!

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