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Flowery progress

My garden is more or less finished. But my appartment is such a mess at the moment that I can’t even move the diorama to a place where it would get sufficient light for proper pictures.

We have a water pipe leak in the house, and since last week I have a huge hole in my bathroom wall. The pipes have been exchanged already, but now the walls need to be dried with a huge dryer. It’s noisy and annoying. The door needs to stay closed, so the cat’s litter box had to be moved elsewhere. All the stuff I usually keep in the bathroom is all over the place. I feel crowded by the mess.

Since I can’t take ‘proper’ pictures of my garden yet, we’ll have to make do with a sneak peek -and rather crappy light.

BJD Diorama Garden – ResinRapture
BJD Diorama Garden – ResinRapture
BJD Diorama Garden – ResinRapture
BJD Diorama Garden – ResinRapture








8 thoughts on “Flowery progress”

  1. There's nothing wrong with the lighting on your flowers–the photos are gorgeous. Glad to see Fiona, Cinnamon and Juniper enjoying the greenery.

    I really feel for you with your water pipe leak. I had a similar experience, not with a water pipe but with a dehumidifier that was incorrectly installed, resulting in a flooded area in my basement. It ruined my vinyl record collection, which would be a more devastating loss if I ever listened to vinyl anymore. Still, there's mold on all the record jackets. I'll have to throw everything away. It sounds like you'll have to rebuild at least part of your bathroom wall. Just be glad it happened during warm weather and not in the middle of winter.

  2. Thank you. Oh no, I am sorry to read that, how dismaying :(. My landlord will have to rebuild and redecorate my bathroom. The water has been leaking into the walls for quite some time apparently, most of the floor tiles came lose as well. The hole in the wall is not completely open, it's basically the cover of the shaft the pipes are in. But I guess I should be grateful that it was noticed before the floor had a chance to rot and collapse under my feet.

  3. Oh dear the things that are sent to try us! I do hope everything gets fixed soon Mia.

    In regards to the sneak peek, all the photos of the garden and the dolls are wonderful! The "crappy light" hasn't impacted on the beautiful garden at all. 🙂
    Big hugs,

  4. I fell so behind reading that you already finished the garden! OMG, if I didn't know it was a miniatures, I couldn't have guessed it from some of the pictures. It is plain perfect, no other word to describe it. Mia, your talent knows no boundary!

    By the ways, honest curiosity. How do you store all of the dioramas you make?

  5. Very kind, thank you :). I try to make them foldable if possible, or at least in a way that they are easily taken apart. The garden will pose a problem, but for now it's sitting in my living room.

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