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Crappy light and three-legged-chairs

We had kind of a holiday today (people wear costumes, get terribly drunk and dance in the streets to awful music), and since I’d rather stay out of their way I tried to take some pictures of the new diorama.
Unfortunately the only free space to put it is in a corner that doesn’t get much light if it’s as gloomy as today. And my girls must have been jumping on the furniture when I wasn’t looking, one of the chair’s legs broke off. I didn’t notice until it was too late, so you have to ignore the leg in the pictures.
As soon as the weather gets better and I have better light I will take loads of pictures, but I wanted to post at least these to give you an impression how the whole thing turned out.

4 thoughts on “Crappy light and three-legged-chairs”

  1. I love how the room turned out! The understated lighting works for me. Sometimes sunlight streaming into a scene results in parts of the photo being overexposed and others underexposed. Don't beat yourself up about the broken chair leg because no matter how carefully I look I can't tell which one it is.

  2. Thank you :). I know what you mean, direct sunlight is not that great either, just a little lighter would be nice. If I use the highest ISO the pictures look as grainy as they do now. It's the front leg on the left armchair.

  3. Lese den ersten Satz und frage mich, ob du wohl Deutsche bist. Sehe die Kommentare… Bingo, wir reden von Karneval… ich versteh dich so gut ='D
    Das Diorama ist aber total toll! ♥

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