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New 1:6 scale home in the making

I spent the holidays alone this year due to the pandemic. And what could be more fun to pass the time than making new stuff? I have made such a lot of new clothes that I wasn’t in the mood to sew yet another outfit. The weather is so gloomy and the light is so bad that giving some of the new dolls faces isn’t an option either.

But since I acquired quite a couple of 1:6 scale dolls in the last three months I thought it’s time to make a new doll diorama in this scale. Thanks to previous woodworking endeavors I found all I needed in my box with small wood, dowels and left overs. My storage space is so limited that I decided to make just one wall, not a complete room box.

What I have in mind is wooden half-wall paneling in white, maybe with a shelf. Slate blue walls and white furniture. I want the basic colors to be neutral, so the couch will have slate blue or dark grey covers. To add some color there will be lots of pictures and cushions, flowers and all sorts of stuff. I will use wooden spatulas for the panels, they already have the perfect size and I have tons of them.


Of course I needed to build a couch, make the seats and covers, cushions and all sorts of props. Hours of work, two audiobooks and three pots of tea later the basics are finished. Please excuse the crappy pictures, it’s 12 am and so dark that I have to turn on the lights.

BJD Furniture – 1:6 scale

The seats are made of some foam pieces that were wrapped around one of the Raccoon doll boxes as additional padding. I am glad I kept it. I use to keep the original doll boxes, but not all the packaging material. I am really glad I made an exception for this stuff.

BJD Furniture – 1:6 scale


Lots of cushions. They are just about 6 x 6 cm, so I could repurpose some of my cabbage.

BJD Furniture – 1:6 scale

I finished the panels and the cushions.

BJD Furniture – 1:6 scale


I spent hours on making tiny picture frames. They are just cardboard, since they need to be lightweight. I went for a mix of cute and whimsical, most of the pictures are images I found on Pinterest.

BJD Furniture – 1:6 scale


I am almost done with all the props and furniture, and I can’t wait to start creating the room. I hope the weather will be a bit better the next couple of days to take pictures of the new room in 1:6 scale.

6 thoughts on “New 1:6 scale home in the making”

  1. Looking so good!!! I can’t wait to see the final result! I love the little pillows and the wall art, and the clean finishing of your furniture. Wonderful! The spatulas you used, are they the regular ice-cream sticks? PS off topic: you know what I just ordered? A Paola Reina Amigas plus two smaller Spanish dolls. Couldn’t help myself LOL!

    1. Thank you :). The wooden spatulas are tongue depressors. I use them at work, that’s why I have so many of them. Oh congrats! They have something about them that makes them hard to resist, so I know how you feel. And they smell good :).

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