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Saturday story time

Eryn and Solovet needed to go shopping today, so Seraphine and Tristania look after Fiona and Amanthis. They all came over for breakfast.

Amanthis loves strawberry jam, and she only lets Trish clean it off her face because she is busy wondering why they have the same shirt colour.


The shirt is forgotton as soon as she discovers the toys. Fiona and Amanthis have a discussion about who should be the one who gets to walk the tiger-duck.

Tristania keeps an eye on the two.


Amanthis wants to teach her doll Elsbeth how to ride a duck, but Elsbeth keeps falling off.


Meanwhile, Stella and Sophia are hanging out in Stella’s room.



Alasdair came over to keep Seraphine company.

Fiona is leaving the tiger duck to Amanthis, who is happy to have it all to herself. Seraphine offers to read to Fiona, something she usually loves.


But this time she is more interested in the maganzine she spotted on the table.


Eryn and Solovet are back, and the little ones are excited to see what they bought. Amanthis is fascinated by the face on the shopping bag.

Look what I got, girls! This one is for Unnea.

And this was a bargain, it’ll go well with the grey shirt. You can have the funny bag to play later, dear.


Mom, can I have one of these when I grow up?

Oh no, I tore a hole in my cardigan with that clothes hanger.


After tea and chatting about this and that Eryn and Solovet take the kids and leave.

Seraphine loves them all, but she’s been a bit tired all day. She’s looking forward to a quiet evening with Alasdair.


2 thoughts on “Saturday story time”

  1. Amanthis is so cute!! But I must say, I'm amazed and stunned at the props you have. The settings are amazing and so well achieved! I love all the tiny details you put on there, the photos and props: simply amazing.

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