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Porch diorama in the making

After I finished the porch bench for the girls, they complained that they didn’t even have a porch. Time to build one.
Since lack of storage space is always a problem I thought it would be a good idea to build something that can be folded and would serve as a multi-purpose diorama.

I want something I can put on my coffee table. It gets some light and it has a good height for taking pictures – no extreme gymnastic exercises necessary.
And I found a solution. I bought a saw horse and moved the metal parts that keep the legs in position. The result is a foldable floor and wall frame in a square angle.

BJD Diorama Porch – ResinRapture


BJD Diorama Porch – ResinRapture


The next step was building the wall and floor. I used construction lumber for this.


BJD Diorama Porch – ResinRapture
BJD Diorama Porch – ResinRapture


Since it’s supposed to be multi-purpose, I made the window in a way that allows for using both sides. The backside of the floor will be a nice photo-backdrop, and the backside of the porch wall will serve as a wall with a window to work with my back yard garden diorama (I have to construct the base for the garden separately).

The next picture shows the back side of the floor and the window and window frame.


BJD Diorama Porch – ResinRapture

I want the porch with overlapping siding in a nice blue-ish grey color. The siding is made from finn cardboard. Since I started this I built an extension to make the wall wider, something I should have done right from the start. Lesson learned. The final diorama is not as small as the frame in the pictures, but I have a bit more space for props next to the bench. All the kitties need some space to play and sleep, right?

BJD Diorama Porch – ResinRapture


BJD Diorama Porch – ResinRapture


BJD Diorama Porch – ResinRapture
The last picture shows the fake rustic stone I want to use for my garden diorama. I mixed colored plaster and sand and poured the mixture on a large plastic bag. I tried to distribute the mass as thin as possible and once it was set I broke it into pieces.
BJD Diorama Garden – ResinRapture

I have finished most of the construction and now I just need to build my garden. That will take some time, but with a couple more props my porch is more or less finished. Now I need time and sunny weather to arrange everything and take pictures.

8 thoughts on “Porch diorama in the making”

  1. Thank you :). I hope we'll have nice weather this weekend. I made more kitties, did you see? I added them to the previous post.

  2. That's going to be one hell of a diorama Mia, and I have to agree with BJW regarding your carpentry skills, well done! Now I can hardly wait for your next post to see what you do next. I also like your choice of colour for the siding. 🙂
    Big hugs,

  3. Yes, I did. I made a dollhouse for my Daughter (Hubby helped a lot). It's still work in progress. 😉
    1/6 scale is definitely easier to keep at home. 😀
    But I'm planning some diorama(s?) for my Raccoon girl, so… I need to find place for it. 🙂

  4. You girls are really demanding! Whose arent? xD

    Anyways, this diorama is looking great, and I love how you created the front wood! I stand by what I said before. You are truly talented!

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