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Building a BJD bed

I had plans for Stella’s room for quite a while and finally had the time to start building the furniture I have in mind. I could have simply bought a bed, but I wanted her bed to look “right” in terms of colour and style. I want her furniture to be mostly white, and not too modern.

To decide on the scale was a bit difficult, I thought SD sized first, but it would not have left any room for other furniture. MSD size it is, then.

I wanted a high headboard for a comfortable sitting up position and the whole thing is supposed to have a little old fashioned or traditional look to it, so I made a footboard in the same style.

I built the headboard and footboard first, but left the top panel to cover the screws for the last step.

Duvet and quilted bedspread

But of course I needed a mattress and pillows and a duvet, too. I used a piece of foam for the matress and made a sheet-slip for it. I didn’t want to use a towel or something thin for the cover, I wanted it to look like a real and warm comforter like my own.

After I made the bed frame and fixed the bottom to the siderails for more stability I glued the top panels onto the head- and foot board and sanded the edges before I painted the bed white.

The basic pillows are 15 x 15 and 15 x 25 cm filled with fiber and the duvet is 30cm x 45cm. I stitched quarters after I filled it to keep the filling in place even if I need to wash it.

The pillows and duvet get slips of course, white embroidered cotton with a plain white cotton lawn tuck at the top.

Unnea finished the quilted bed spread (you can see the last row of quarters in the picture). It’s sewn to a piece of creme coloured cotton blanket and trimmed with lace and covers the bed at daytime. Stella absolutely loves it.

The finished work.