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Building a fireplace

A comfy armchair in front of a fireplace, a good book and a cup of tea…
I always dreamed of having a fireplace, but since that’ll stay a dream I thought at least my resin family should have one. It will be part of the new diorama.

Now I just need some things to put on the mantle, like a clock or a candelabra. Have to build those too, I guess.

I think I will darken the sides a bit more, and get some orange transparent paper or some more LED candles. And I do have a swing chair, so it’ll be a comfy place to read and dream staring into the flames…

BJD Diorama Moonchild mansion props – ResinRapture


2 thoughts on “Building a fireplace”

  1. Beautiful job! The brick looks real. Is it a photo background or did you build tiny bricks from clay? I'd love a fireplace like that for myself (human size). Your dolls are very lucky.

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