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What can I get you?

Queenie and Roux are over at Eve’s Eatery for a quick lunch. It’s Bell’s shift and they have a little chat while she’s taking their orders. Queenie and Roux have been discussing a movie and Roux is telling Bell about the rather unbelievable plot. Bell likes the girls and they make an effort to get to know her a little and make her feel welcome in the neighborhood. They know that she doesn’t have any friends in town and even if she acts as if she doesn’t need any, they think she might appreciate a bit of friendliness anyway.







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4 thoughts on “What can I get you?”

  1. This is fun! I love how you've carried the design of the poster over to the menus. I also like that Queenie and Roux are trying to make Bell feel comfortable. For many (most?) people, waitstaff are invisible, there only to serve and not to be engaged in conversation. Now make sure they leave her a good tip!

  2. Thank you :). It's the menu that came first, I designed it for Everett's introduction. Unfortunately you are right about that. I've worked as a waitress in my student days, and had my share of ignorance. They will leave her a good tip! In fact, they sometimes just eat over at Eve's to do exactly that. They don't want to make her feel like a charity case, but they know she tries to save up for classes.

  3. I love the setup diorama! It really looks natural and human-like, with everything is scale! I'm so picky about that. And the story is really cute and interesting… will you continue it?

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