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Category: MYou BJD

Christmas 2023

It’s raining and stormy outside. Just the right weather to spend a day baking cookies. I haven’t done that the last couple of years, but this year I was in

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Catkins is a 27cm MYou doll mature tiny girl in coffee skin. She arrived in 2022 and joined the Otherworldly Others in 2023.

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Weeding with Willow

Little Willow helped me weeding today. Well, not really, he is more of a plant-saver than puller, but it was nice of him to keep me company while I was

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A new tiny girl arrived

Look who arrived today :). This is a tiny Myou Gina, and I chose her with the same coffee skin tone like Willow She is a bit smaller than Willow

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New Year resolutions

Hello new year! I wonder what you will bring, I hope you have at least some positive things in store for us. When I look back at the past two

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The wind and Willow

Did I mention that taking pictures of dolls outside is difficult, when it’s not only windy but when the doll in question has big hair? It is. But at least

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Babes and boots

The post title sounds like something out of a biker magazine, but my babes are fully dressed. I sometimes amuse myself with viewing the blog statistics, and there are some

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Flowery progress

My garden is more or less finished. But my appartment is such a mess at the moment that I can’t even move the diorama to a place where it would

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I wanted to take some autumn pictures with Cinna and June wearing their twin style coats, but it is either dark when I come home or it’s raining. Today though

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Halloween fun

Happy Halloween! Who would be better suited to pose for Halloween pictures than my little ghost girl Lily? She seems to have found a new friend for the occasion. Unfortunately

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White collars

Another twin style dress set, this time with white collars and underskirt. I didn’t get the same pattern in two colours, but I think these two work.

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Cinnamon & Juniper

Cinnamon & Juniper aka Cinna and June are MYou MSD 3-part torso girls in normal skin, both with the Delia head sculpt. They joined the Otherworldly Others in 2017.

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Twin arrival

My twins arrived this morning :). I ordered them in April from Alice’s Collection during special discount event period, and I am glad Myou seems to have a lot of

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