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Twin arrival

My twins arrived this morning :). I ordered them in April from Alice’s Collection during special discount event period, and I am glad Myou seems to have a lot of orders and their waiting times are longer.

The twins are Delias in normal skin. Lily is a MYou doll as well and I knew what to expect, but once again I am very pleased with the quality. They are carefully sanded, not a single seam or even a speck of dust. They came with basic underwear, a face mask and glass eyes. I just wish they would offer more hand parts.

Their names will be Cinnamon and Juniper, short Cinna & June. I hope I can make time to give them a face soon. They won’t be exactly alike, I am thinking of different color schemes, brownish for Cinnamon and blue green for Juniper.

Happy :). Now that I have twins, they will show off a lot of twin-style dresses. I have to admit, that’s the reason I wanted them.


Boxopening Delia + Delia

4 thoughts on “Twin arrival”

  1. Congrats on the twins' arrival! I can't wait to see how you paint and dress them. Will they be part of one of your families? My only twins are a boy and a girl BID Ringo–they're the only BIDs I haven't sold. Twins make for fun photo opportunities.

  2. Thank you :). They'll be "others", they don't fit into the Iple families, and I wanted them as dress-up models. And I am looking forward to the photo opportunities, too.

  3. Congrats on their arrival! I read your posts backwards xDD
    I didn't knew MYou had such a good quality, their sculpts are lovely!

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