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Halloween fun

Happy Halloween! Who would be better suited to pose for Halloween pictures than my little ghost girl Lily? She seems to have found a new friend for the occasion. Unfortunately he is not the most flexible little guy, he can just move his legs and his head.

MYou Ailsa – Lily the ghost


Last week one of my customers surprised me with this fabulous self made decoration. I took the liberty of unhooking the tiny skeleton for a short while to use it for some Halloween pictures. I’ll put it back together tomorrow and it’ll make a nice eyecatcher hanging from the studio ceiling.

Misc – ResinRapture

4 thoughts on “Halloween fun”

  1. Love your ghost girl and friend! They appear to be made for each other. Luckily little Elin is taking the skeleton in stride. She looks like she's found a friend. I completely forgot about Halloween when I posted today. I guess last week's post will have to do. Ha ha ha!

  2. Thank you :). I thought the candy corn outfit-post was your Halloween post. I didn't plan this one either, but the little skeleton was just too tempting.

  3. Very belated spooky Halloween!! I loved those pics, poor skeleton he looked tired after all that posing in so many photos! Hahaha!

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