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Acrobatic Boxopening and review- MYou 27 cm Rod

I ordered this little guy during one of the MYou discount events from Alice Collections at 10/04. He arrived yesterday, delivered directly to my doorstep. The package was so small that DHL didn’t even bother with it, my usual post girl delivered it with the mail.

His box is probably the most practical doll packaging I ever received. He came in a little zipped carrier bag with a lanyard, complete with undies, eyes, a doll cleaner and facemask. I ordered him in coffee skin and blank.

MYou Rod – case


I knew he would be small, but somehow I didn’t imagine him to be so tiny and graceful at the same time. It’s probably a weird description for a male doll, but he is so well balanced and smooth, light and flexible that graceful is what comes to mind. I already have MYou dolls and I think they are great posers, but this little guy is quite the acrobat.

When I took him out of his fancy box he suffered from the snappy leg disease, though – like many very small and light weight dolls. A thorough hot glue sueding of all his joints was a huge improvement. No more snappy knees.

Speaking of improvements: I knew that Myou released new bodies for the larger dolls since I ordered my larger girls, but those I have are the “generation one” bodies. This is a company that obviously tries to work on issues. Points that might have been issues with older dolls – like the somewhat stiff looking hands or overly long necks – don’t apply to this little guy. He does have a long neck, but it looks natural. They really did a great job engineering this little doll. It’s almost perfect. The only thing I am not really happy about are the hooks- they are so tiny and sharp that I managed to poke my fingers with them when I sueded his ankle joints. But since he doesn’t need heel feet I don’t ever have to touch the hooks again. It’s not an issue, really.

As I mentioned, he feels very smooth and light, and if I had to guess I’d guess he’s printed, not cast. He doesn’t smell of resin, there’s not a single seamline. He doesn’t look sanded (MYou dolls are generally very smooth and fully sanded). He has the seamless look and feel of a high quality printed doll, but I asked MYou, he’s handmade, not printed. He just looks fragile, the make and material seems to be quite sturdy.

The tiny eyes he came with are the blue eyes he wears in the promo pics. I will probably make eyes for him, I want brownish eyes for what I have in mind for his character. The eyes he is wearing in some of the pictures are Ancient Tales eyes I bought for my Rachel. They fit, but they are blue as well.

His promo pics just don’t do this doll credit. He is just 27cm tall, but oh boy can he pose. I think he is probably the best posing doll I own. He can really do a handstand without falling over. I’d call that a well balanced doll. And he certainly is well balanced, head size, weight, foot size, limb length – all together a very harmonious result. Well done, MYou sculptor- who ever you are!

See for yourself. All these poses are possible without any effort, putty or any other tricks other dolls need to hold poses like that. Except for the sueding of course. He can pose without the sueding, he just doesn’t hold poses very well without snapping joints after a few minutes.


Excuse the crappy pictures, winter is not the best time to get good light.

I tried a couple of shoes on him, and even though he can wear YOSD shoes they look odd. But Taeyang shoes are a perfect fit, they look right and are exactly his size. I ordered these a couple of years ago for Rachel. The seller was HelloCoolcat on Etsy. The wig is a size 4-5″ from Fatiao- and no, he is not going to keep this, I just put it on to show that it fits. I guess a size 3-4″ might fit as well, this one is almost too large around the ears. I don’t know how long Taeyang legs are, but I guess they are about the same size.

8mm eyes with 3mm iris


Taeyang boots & 4-5″ wig


I will make a basic pattern set for him at some point and share it on the blog as usual. Maybe someone has both, a tiny MYou and a Taeyang and could try what fits.

Doll yoga with MYou 27cm Rod

As you might have guessed already: I am quite fascinated by this little boy. It will take a while until he’ll get his face though – I have so many new doll projects that I don’t know where to start- or rather continue.

I hope this was helpful for those who think about ordering one of the tiny MYous. Just do it, they’re great 🙂

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  1. His balance is very impressive, wow! What a cute little doll, and yet so detailed. Congratulations with this amazing newcomer! I also love his case, that’s so clever! Looking forward to see more of him. 🙂

  2. Congrats! He is a really gentle and intresting doll. 🙂 I can’t wait to see his final look.

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