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Christmas 2023

It’s raining and stormy outside. Just the right weather to spend a day baking cookies. I haven’t done that the last couple of years, but this year I was in the mood for some of our traditional family Christmas cookies. Now my apartment smells lovely and I have two boxes full of cookies.

And I received a surprise package from my favorite client. She became a dear friend over the years. You have seen the flowers she gave me occasionally, and now you will see some of the contents of her parcel. I know it was meant for Christmas, but I just couldn’t resist opening it.

There’s more, but the little hand crafted box with pokerwork and the lovely bottle with dried flowers and fairy lights make perfect props for doll pictures.


Thank you so much, T.!


Catkins is fascinated by the flowers in the bottle. They are so pretty. The little star was attached to a card.


Toffee and Jellybean met a ginger bread girl :). It’s made of paper, but it looks so cute with the Monst girls. It’s a gift too, my blogger friend Linda sent it.


I hope you all have a healthy, lovely and warm Christmas – or just a relaxing holiday if you don’t celebrate. A bit of quality time with loved ones and the dollies :).


8 thoughts on “Christmas 2023”

  1. Jennifer Kohn Murtha

    Love them all! So cute and so festive and so well-dressed. Merry Everything this year and blessings and happy dolling times to you for a beautiful 2024.

  2. Toffee and Jellybean are so, so cute! These photos are just perfect for X-mas cards. Love them!

    All the best for you! <3

  3. Merry Christmas Mia! Your dollies look very cute. There was a male version of the gingerbread girl as well, but the bow convinced me to choose the girl 😁. Your friend’s gifts are lovely. Hugs!!

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