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A new tiny girl arrived

Look who arrived today :). This is a tiny Myou Gina, and I chose her with the same coffee skin tone like Willow

She is a bit smaller than Willow (MYou Rod), but unfortunately she has the same foot size, which will make it difficult to find shoes for her. Both can wear Taeyang boots- and I think shoes for the male obitsu body, but I have not seen any shoes for them I like. I will probably make some for her. I don’t know yet if she will be Willow’s sister or another Tree folk member.

She came with sparkly pink eyes, her carrier bag and a “hooker”. Rod didn’t, and this is really a nice and useful give-away. Myou girls always come with a bit of underwear, even if you order them blank and nude. She will go back into her little case until I know what I want to do with her.


Sparkly eyes


She did have a top, but my cat found it after I removed it.



Myou Gina and the hook-tool she came with.



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