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Catkins and some of her treasures

I took so many pictures of little Catkins that I have some more for you.



Catkins wears a festive dress today (not a single patch yet), but since it’s always a bit dirty in the woods she put on one of her aprons to protect it. She has a lot of aprons, and most of her dresses are patchy.

Tree people’s clothes blend in with the colors of nature around them. They are made from natural fibers, leather and fur. Some fabrics are dyed with natural dyes, and most of the clothes are mended and patched up. Tree Folk don’t really need camouflage colors, predators usually leave the tiny people alone. But birds of prey are an exception. Tree Folk children are taught from an early age to watch the sky when they cross open spaces.



That’s why Catkins kept a huge buzzard feather she found, it’s one of the treasures she brought home. It’s hanging on the wall, like keeping a lion’s tooth or a bear claw. Most of her other treasures are small. She found a heart-shaped stone, many pretty snail shells, some small animal skulls and bones. Willow told her that she could hear the waterfall rush when she holds a shell very close to her ear, and Catkins likes to sit and listen to the faint murmur she can hear when she does that.



This is Catkins’ basket, Willow made it for her. She uses it to collect lavender and herbs. Weaving baskets is one of the things they do during winter. Tree people use dried leaves for basket-weaving, this one is made of dried day-lily leaves.


Lavender basket




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  1. When I read and see this, it’s almost as if everything is real, you really pull me in this wonderful world! 🙂 Love the photos, the neat dress, the used dress, all the treasures,… it’s just awesome.

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