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Odd pairings – possible offspring for FIDs

In answer to a request here are some FID-offspring combinations. There are probably a couple of dolls that would work for Kids aged between four and seven, but there isn’t much that would work as a teen. I guess a couple of bodies in the MSD size range would work just fine, but the problem are the oversized heads in comparison to the FID heads. I am not sure if FID heads or Raccoon heads would fit on a slim 41 cm Withdoll body. There neck circumference is 6.5 cm (FID necks are 7.4, Raccoon 6.7). I don’t own a Withdoll girl, so I can’t check if one of the smaller MSD sized bodies and separately sold Raccoon heads would make a hybrid that could work as a teenager next to the FID women. Maybe somebody who owns both feels inspired to check this.

Update: The lovely Morganatron who runs Peppermint Circus on Etsy provided a picture of a Raccoonhead on the old Withdoll girl body next to the Raccoonbody. Looks like a great teenager option.

Old Withdoll girl body with Raccoonhead. Image courtesy of Morganatron.

FID /Raccoon chest part on JID original lower body doesn’t fit (maybe they fit on the new JID body, they seem to be smaller in the chest). FID heads on the JID body don’t work either. You can however put a Raccoon head on a JID girl original body. It makes for a rather thick necked result with broad shoulders. Even more ridiculous is a FID male head on a JID girl body. FID male heads on JID boy bodies on the other hand might work pretty well as teen sons. Both my JID boys are on the muscle body, so I can’t show how it would look on the slimmer model body. The advantage would be a possible purchase of this hybrid over doll choice.

  1. Raccoon Emma on slim raccoon body
  2. Raccoon Rosie head on Iplehouse old Jid girl original body
  3. FID Harace on the classic FID body
  4. 27cm MYou doll ROD
  5. Kruseling


Size comparison Raccoon-JID-FID-MYou- Kruseling / Proportions and family options

As you can see in the picture above, a Raccoon head on a classic JID girl body might work as a teenage daughter. No 4 and 5 might be possible Kids aged 4 to 6. Willow looks very tiny, his head is almost too small. The Kruselings are jointed plastic play dolls. This one is a dark skinned doll, there are lighter skin tones as well.

Raccoonhead on JID girl +FID

Rosie is a very elegant and mature looking sculpt, so I guess if you want to go for a combination of a JID girl body and Raccoon, other/younger looking sculpts might be better suited.

FID Claude + JID boy body

This is a combination of a JID muscle body and Claude’s head. The head is still a bit large, but this could work.


I girled Claude. LOL.

Haha. This looks so ODD. Claude’s head is still smaller than the original JID head, but it still looks ridiculous.

And of course you could just go for the curvy FID to create a teenager. They are smaller than the classic body, but about the same height as Raccoon.

BJD bodyreview – ResinRapture


And to give you an update on my question to Iplehouse if they would consider downsizing the KID heads: Although their first reaction was promising they told me a couple of months later that they don’t plan to do this any time soon. Maybe I should ask Raccoon instead if he would consider making small heads for the KID body.

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  1. Ohh this is an awesome post! Love references like this!
    I’m not into making doll families, but I know a lot of people will find this useful!

  2. It’s always interesting to see hybrids and combinations. It’s not easy to figure such things out, if there are no pictures available.

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