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Tag: RaccoonEmma

Wild wigs and flowery shirts

I recently found this light blond wig in the wig box. It’s one of the last Monique wigs I found before the company closed. Judith’s hairstyle is still something I

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More Viveca

I didn’t want to write this in her character profile, but it took three attempts to turn Ivy into Viveca as she is now. I really struggled with this doll,

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Hats, tunics and letters

Do you enjoy being back to “normal” time after daylight saving time ended? I get used to it soon enough, but for about a week I feel like having so

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Spoilt for choice

I have made lots of bags… and there will probably be even more. But like with all props, there’s the question how to store them. I know that if I

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Brianna cape for BJD

The all doll capelet Brianna style I am currently working on new outfits for the Kids, and I wanted capes to go with the outfits. If you are a fan

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Icky sticky hot

It’s just too hot and humid to work on my two new girls. I blushed their hands and I’ve been making some clothes, but their faces have to wait. And

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Merry Christmas

Somehow it’s really hard this year getting into some kind of Christmas spirit. I didn’t bake any of our traditional family Christmas cookies, there has been very little decoration in

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Fun sized pile

Just some pictures of the fun sized crew. I am busy sewing outfits for Harace, but I don’t want to show them before she has a face.

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Summer dresses and more fabric

You might recognize the fabric I used for Ludivine’s jersey tunic and the flower poplin Seraphine wears. The fabric was part of the birthday haul.  Seeing all the fabric the

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What to wear to a garden party?

Roux, Queenie and Ludivine are invited to a garden party. Walden was invited too, but he’s somewhere in Dubai at the moment, photographing hotel suites for a client. It’s a

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It feels like spring

Today was such a beautiful warm day! Time for some spring weather appropriate pictures :). I would have loved to take pictures in the garden, but I didn’t want to

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Ludivine Etienne

Ludivine Etienne is a Raccoondoll Emma on the slim body in normal skin. She joined the Tiny Humanoids in 2018. Ludivine shares house with Queenie, Walden and Roux.

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